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Medplus Franchise

What is Medplus Franchise?

In this fast-paced world, the advancements in technology and operations have seen to be a curse as well as a boon. Like every situation has two sides, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of this improved standard of living and technology. With the increased pollution and reduction of quality of the available natural resources. Economic reforms and technological advancements have resulted in increased dumping, more waste, and improper disposal.

All this have resulted in poor air quality, reduced agricultural production and all resulted in improved health issues of the country’s citizen. There is no proper regulation or channelization of the distribution of medicines, and hence there was a need for an online pharmacy to overtime all the setbacks of traditional medicines distribution system. Pharmacy is a recession-free business and is least affected by the costs of inflation and reduced purchasing power.

How to Start Medplus Franchise Bussiness in India

Luxuries can still be struck off from the to-buy list, but medicines are the needs of an individual in case of health issues on which he or she cannot compromise or cut down any medicines. The necessities have a continuous business, and hence taking it online would result in huge revenues. 

By taking pharmacy business online, they can run 24 by seven and make full use of a day and even more with the help of franchise. With the advancement in technology, there is an advancement in curses as well, and hence there are increased medicines options and curses available just streaming the distribution is essential which is now tackled my online pharmacy and franchise. 

Medplus Franchise Eligibility, Cost, Investment

To successfully run an online franchise a pharmacy should be well versed with the below-listed athletes:-

  • Accurate estimation of demand for a product in the area covered by the supplier
  • Maintaining proper stock levels and ensuring adequate stock levels by timely replenishment, maintaining buffer stock and also performing regular supervision to check on the stock levels.
  • Ensuring proper security of stock from damage, pilferage, theft, and loss and also protection od loss from the expiration of products thus stocking only what is required with an adequate level of buffer stock to meet the uncertainties.
  • Maintaining proper stock levels, customer data, and sales reports to have a good grip on the business.
  • Generating demands for offerings through marketing and advertisement activities.
  • Having a good contact list of genuine suppliers and thereby ensuring continuous supply to customers and avoiding the loss of customer buying elsewhere. 

Medplus franchise is a good option for the suppliers who are in alignment with the above attributes and are willing to take their business online and hence expand their operations. Medplus is well trusted for its services to the customers and has developed the right brand image in the market.

Since it bridges all the gaps between the distribution of medicines and customers, it has built a huge brand name in a concise time in India. It has a strong network of pharmacies, thus covering 12 states and 150 cities with 1350 pharmacies as their pillar of support.

It offers excellent value for money to customers, quality services to customers, and not to forget the supply of genuine medicines. As a franchise, it provides support and knowledge to those suppliers who want to join hands with med plus and establish a successful distribution chain online.

Medplus offers brand name, training and expertise, and support to the aspirant pharmacies willing to join medplus family with an investment of just 17 to 20 lakhs. Also one can avail loan from State Bank of India for this purpose for 60% of this investment under a particular scheme. One can generate twice the volume of sales generated by them through med plus. 

Medplus is the future for medicine supply networks and online pharmacies.

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