How to Apply for KFC Franchise, Cost, Profit, Investment

KFC Franchise

KFC Franchise

If you are confused about opening a KFC franchise and need help with KFC franchise requirements, cost and other information, keep reading the article. We have provided all the necessary information.

What is a Franchise?

A franchise is a marketing concept used by organizations and companies for expanding their brand awareness and distributing their products and services. 

In a franchise, an individual or a company (franchisee) obtains the business rights from the parent company (franchisor) by paying an initial fee, to establish their business, and operate using the franchisor’s business trademark, business name and system of sales. In addition to that, the franchisee generally pays a royalty fee to the franchisor for the right of business and operations under the franchisor’s trade name.

About KFC

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a very well known name all around the world. Specializing in fried chicken, KFC brought a revolution and introduced chicken in the fast-food industry. 

Colonel Harland Sanders founded KFC and the franchise was first opened in 1952 in Utah. As of 2020, the restaurant has over 24,104 franchises in about 150 countries. Owing to its delicious fried chicken recipes, KFC is now the second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s based on its sales volume.

How to Open a KFC Franchise? 

The easiest way to open a KFC franchise is by applying online through their official website. Here are the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the link below and wait for the page to redirect to the official website of KFC.

  • Fill the form with all the necessary details if you want to opt for a franchise.
  • You will receive a call or an email within a few days from the officials at KFC. 

KFC Franchise Requirements

Here are all the details and requirements related to opening a KFC franchise.

  • Investment 

Investment for a KFC franchise unlike some other franchises is much higher. According to reliable sources, the franchisee has to invest about $750,000 in liquid assets. The total franchise costs around $1.5 Million.

KFC Franchise cost in India 2021

Due to the high investment requirements, KFC only offers multi-unit franchisees in India. The approximate investment is about 1 crore INR. 

  • Area Required

The area required for a KFC franchise as stated by the company’s franchise agreement is as follows:

  • The franchise unit requires a minimum radius of 2.5 km or
  • The franchise should be based in a locality where at least 30,000 people reside. If it is a metropolitan area, about 1,00,000 people or more should reside.

Term of Agreement

The initial term of the franchise is about 20 years as per the terms of the agreement. The term can be extended if the franchisee meets the terms and conditions of the company.

Training Overview

  • The terms and conditions of the KFC franchise state that the franchisee (be an entity or person) must attend the initial training program hosted by KFCLLC and must complete it as per the company’s satisfaction.
  • In addition to that, all employees of the franchisee must attend the training programme and complete it as per the directions of the franchisor.
  • The training programs include computer-based programmes, written notes, classroom training and on the job programmes at KFC outlets. 
  • The company also reserves the right to call the franchisee employees at certain training programs, seminars, and meetings at different locations.

General FAQs

  • Is KFC franchise profitable?

The high number of KFC outlets all over the world and the demand for their food suggest that the KFC franchise is highly profitable. In India, KFC is valued at 1500 crore INR today.

  • How much do KFC franchise owners make?

The franchise owners earn a commission of about 7-8% of their total sales value. Hence, the more the sales more the earning. On average, they make a profit of about $6K to $7K per month.

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