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ThiruttuMovies is a website that uploads recent blockbuster movies on its page. It is one of the best websites from where you can download Tamil movies in HD quality. It is really beneficial for movie enthusiasts who cannot afford to go out and buy those expensive tickets or CDs to watch movies. 

What is ThiruttuMovies?

ThiruttuMovies is a popular torrent website that allows us to download and watch all Tamil movies by piracy. Movies have become one of the main sources of entertainment for the present generation. Websites like these come in handy for people as they can download any movies from them and that without paying a single penny. People who are fond of watching Tamil movies can surely visit this page for free downloading of movies as this site is stacked with all recent Tamil releases as well as the dubbed version. Initially, only Tamil movies were available to download on this website but later, with increasing popularity, it started uploading films of various categories. The user can choose from a variety of films available on this website.


Is it Legal?

Websites like these are not legal and unsafe as well. The Anti-piracy cell has banned the usage of ThiruttuMovies so downloading or even streaming movies from this site is illegal. The owners of this website promote and support piracy. People watch movies on these websites illegally for free and that affects low-budget movies, hence the government has banned these sites on grounds of violating copyright content.

But, even though it’s banned, the website is still up and running. This is done by updating the domain name of the site regularly. Using websites like these is very dangerous and risky. A user, if caught downloading movies from these websites can even be jailed for a certain amount of time and on top of that, the government has put a fine ranging from ₹10,000 to ₹2,00,000 on the user. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to use such websites, rather, use legal platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch movies.

ThiruttuMovies Website

Alternatives for ThiruttuMovies

There are many other websites like ThiruttuMovies which offer you to download pirated movies. These websites provide you with a variety of movies to choose from like Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. Below mentioned is the list of alternative websites from where you can download movies for free:

How to watch movies on ThiruttuMovies? 

 Downloading movies from ThiruttuMovies is an easy task as there are no links involved between the downloads. 

  • Firstly, you have to figure and an active URL of ThiruttuMovies which is
  • You can see the latest movies available on the website after jumping onto the homepage of the website. You can download the desired movie by searching its name on the search bar and then after selecting the movie, you’ll be redirected to the movie page.
  • Click on the Movie Poster and then, it will ask you to select a movie format. Select a suitable movie format after which the downloading will start.

Frequently asked questions

Can I watch any movie on the website?

Yes, you can watch any movie you want if it’s available on the website. The ThiruttuMovies team updates the movies within a few hours of their release. In case you do not find the movie you were looking for, you can either request for the movie to be uploaded or try out the alternatives mentioned earlier.

Will I get arrested if I watch movies on ThiruttuMovies?

Watching or promising pirated content on the internet is obviously a crime. The government of India has made laws to eradicate the piracy of films after the Cinematograph Act was approved in 2019. If you are caught using websites that promote piracy or are illegal and if you are helping anyone out to make or use such a website you can be brought to court. You can even face jail time of six months to three years along with a fine which amounts to 250000.

How can I watch movies without breaking the law? 

There is no other way of watching movies on this website but you can always go and watch the movies in the theatre or on OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, amazon prime, etc. 

Does it really is for free? 

Yes, the movies available on ThiruttuMovies are free of cost. You can watch movies anywhere, anytime without paying a dime. 

Can such sites damage my computer or mobile? 

The sites do not harm or damage your computer or any other device. However, when you download a movie from websites like these, there is a high probability of your device getting infected with a virus or malware. These websites often contain Malware and Virus which can be extremely harmful to your device.


This article is only for educational purposes. As a respected firm of this country, we do not under any circumstance promote piracy or any other illegal activities. Everyone should admire and support each other’s work. The people who make these movies put in a lot of effort. These efforts should not go in vain because of piracy. They deserve rewards for their hard work. We should always respect and appreciate these efforts. 

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