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PayTm Payment Bank Franchise

How To Get PayTm Payment Bank Franchise –

Paytm wallet is currently referred to as Paytm bank, is endorsed by RBI (Reserve Bank of India). Earlier this organization was known as one 97 communication Private Limited, and now it is called Paytm payments Bank Limited. So now you can use your wallet as a payment Bank.

People who have successfully enrolled for the platinum card can check the Paytm debit card tracking status using the Paytm app. Paytm payment Bank franchise offers you a ton of stats and is just like an open door of opportunity. In this article, we will guide you with starting a franchise business with Paytm and the necessities to turn into their associate.

Franchise  benefits:

Paytm is presently turned into India’s most popular digital wallet. If you join the payment Bank franchise and begin offering their services, you will earn a decent commission from them. Paytm is presently incorporated with 1500 + merchants in all over India.

When it comes to online money transactions, there is always a risk attached. However, you don’t need to worry about that because the Reserve Bank of India approved as a payment Bank. You can quickly start a franchise business without any risk.

They give the most significant benefit to every exchange just as the KYC confirmation. As their payment framework is speedy, you will almost always get the payment instantly. Clients will also be glad to get the services from you.

These are the essential franchise benefits we have talked about, presently go to the fundamental part about the,

Who can turn into a Paytm accomplice?

As indicated by PayTM official declaration, any individual who has shop and Android telephone can apply for their franchise. You needn’t bother with any exceptional abilities to begin this business. The essential preparing will be given to you after they confirm your application.

Who can become a partner?

According to Paytm official news, anyone who owns or has a rented shop and an Android phone can easily apply for their franchise. You don’t need to have any other special skills or investment to start this business. Paytm executives will provide the necessary training to you after verification of your application.

How much can one earn by doing KYC verification? 

For every successful KYC, you finish using a biometric device. You will be paid a sum of rupees 20. If you complete the KYC manually, the amount would be 15 rupees. If a customer does a transaction of rupees 50 within one month on Paytm will give you an extra commission.

Basic requirements 

To turn into their accomplice, you should have a payment. You can make it whenever, and it is free. Presently, as you have to do KYC confirmation for your clients, you require a cell phone to get their administrations and to finish the check procedure on the web. Before that you, it would be ideal if you check your Paytm account through KYC reports.


To become Paytm payment Bank franchise, you must have an existing Paytm account, or you can make a new account. You can create a new account at any time, and it is entirely free.

As you require to do KYC verification for your customers, you need a smartphone to get their services and to complete the verification process online. But before that, you need to verify your Paytm account through KYC documents.

How to apply?

Well, this is very easy to use. You can locate the partnership option in Paytm account dashboard.

Now at the top of the bar, you will locate the Paytm partner option. Click on this link. This link will redirect you to a new window which contains a Paytm partner application form. The application form shows different fields which one needs to fill up. Submit the form and you are good to go.

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