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osmose technology

Osmose Technology Private Limited is a non-government organization that started out on 24th December 2019 under the leadership of Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar. The company sells fitness-oriented gadgets, drug treatments, and fitness-associated treatments. It is registered at Roc-Pune. Its authorized share capital is 5,00,000 and its paid capital is 10,000.

Company Details of Osmose Technology

Company NameOsmose Technology Private Limited
DirectorsShubhangi Vaibhav PataskarVijay Baburao MahajanPrashant Ramchandra Roundale
Websitewww.osmosetech.com www.osmarket.in 
Address Office No. 4D/E, S.NO. 17/1B P.NO. 14, Devgiri Area, Kothrud, Pune MH 411038 IN

Osmose technology has been heard about a lot these days. Many believe it to be fake. It started working in January 2020. It was first started as a health company. It now sells various items including clothing, home appliances, health-related products, etc.

How can you earn via osmose technology?

The company has opted for the method of affiliate marketing to make fame for themselves as well as provide opportunities to its users to earn via network marketing. Below are the steps through which the network marketing system of Osmose technology works. 

  • When you log in you will receive a sponsor ID. 
  • Share it with your friends and ask people to join osmose technology via your ID. 
  • After you open your account you will receive 20 rupees.
  • For every 5 people, you convince to join you will get 25 rupees daily.
  • And then after they bring more than 5 people you will get more 5 rupees. 2 Rs for each. 
  • The next 5 people will bring you 3 rupees each. 
  • The more you network, the more money you’ll get.
  • Once your network increases to 500 people you’ll get a monthly income of 50,000-1,00,000 rupees. 

How can you register yourself?

If you want to join osmose technologies, all you need to do is click on their portal ( www.osmosetech.com ) and register yourself with 1180 rupees. You can pay online via UPI or internet banking. Once you register you will receive 1200 rupees shopping voucher. You can then earn via networking. The more you network the more money you receive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can and what can you shop from Osmose Technologies?

You will get home items, health products, and clothing-related products here. You’ll get a 1200 rupees coupon that you can use to shop. 

Is Osmose Technology Fake?

Different people on social media possess different opinions about the company. However, it is a registered legal company hence their chances of being fake are low. However, we recommend the verification of their schemes before taking any steps.

 Why is Osmose Technology famous?

It is a famous company these days because of the earning opportunities present here. It is also doing the rounds for its affiliate marketing techniques which are incorporating more and more people into their company every day, resulting in their fame.

Do I need to pay any amount to register here?

Yes, if you want to earn through Osmose you need to pay a lump sum of 1180 rupees against which you’ll get a 1200 shopping coupon. You can further share your sponsor ID with other people and on their successful registration, you’ll start earning. And, the money you pay for registration will also be refunded through the shopping voucher. 

Where is their office located?

Their office is in Pune, Maharashtra. 


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