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Many audiences enjoy watching films on their cosy couch at home. And everybody likes watching it digitally while the movie is free of charge. Todaypk is among the most extensive online sites that provide free movie downloads. But sometimes it can be challenging to use the website.

Todaypk has been one of the largest and most successful online sites that offer films to watch online and also are available to download.

Todaypk Movies 2020 – Download Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu

The website shows the most recent hits at varying HD quality levels, for instance, 360p and 720p. The film you want will be available in any HD quality you want. Hindi and English films are also present to you along with Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and many Hindi Dubbed movies on Todaypk website. The primary and quick way to watch films and download movies is possible because of the user-friendly interface. It’s not necessary to have only the PC for downloading the film.

Todaypk Movies Download

For a while, the platform was small, yet later people became much more fond of the website. In just a few days from publication, the platform leaks nearly every film which is then downloaded by most users. So the site works continuously.

But it must frequently adjust because the Indian government blocks the active URL once it is detected. Nevertheless, its popular URL continues to change. Eventually, new links will be made available to active visitors of Todaypk.

Todaypk Movies Download Website

Todaypk has many categories of movies such as comedy, fighting, horror, war, action, love, romance, drama, sci-fi, mermaid, fantasy, thriller, vampire and so on which let people choose from a very wide range. 

Some Facts About Todaypk

While being a piracy website, Todaypk is the option for crores of viewers to stream movies online. It isn’t the only site; in the meantime, there are a few reasons for supporting Todaypk more than any other site. There is a justification for why Todaypk is used by many. A few of the reasons are here.

Todaypk Movies
  • Todaypk is a piracy platform; thus, the state has restricted almost all of the URL for users. But still, the site keeps updating the URL. The site provides different replica sites for the viewers.
  • The website provides a quick-to-use GUI to help individuals watch the film on a mobile phone. It makes downloading a film simple, and that is why users often like to download movies from this website.
  • You can download the movie from either computer, mobile devices, tab etc. You don’t have to own a PC to access movies on this website. Only a quick internet connection is required.
  • While the platform is much more famous for the Telugu and Tamil film collections, many Hindi and English movies are also available. The new releases from Tamil and Telugu films found along with the edge-hit movies of Hindi and English of the year.
  • On this website, various HD films are available. These are available in HD quality as 360p, 480p and 720p. Before you begin to download, you only have to select one.
  • Nearly every superhit film is obtainable on Todaypk website. Sometimes, you don’t have to look for the movie too, simply click on the homepage link and many films will be made available to you.

How to download movies from Todaypk

If you still wish to stream or download movies from Todaypk, follow the mentioned steps.

  1. Google ‘Todaypk’ and choose the valid URL. 
  2. You must use VPNs such as Hidemyass before accessing movies from illegal websites.
  3.  Select movies from its homepage or search for your desired movies using the search box filter. Click on the movie you want. 
  4. After clicking, you will find the ‘Download’ button underneath the image of your selected movie. 
  5. Click the download button after choosing your preferred movie quality. 
  6. Your downloading will automatically start without redirecting you to any other page. Now, just sit and wait for the movie to get downloaded.


It is important to keep in mind that we don’t even encourage piracy. Todaypk is a platform for piracy that can contribute to undesirable circumstances. We, therefore, recommend not to use these pages, rather use another charged website and to be safe.


Piracy of any original content under Indian law is a punishable offence. Find Online Info strongly opposes this type of Piracy. The information described in this post is given to you only to provide the necessary information regarding illegal activities.

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