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Like many other Torrent websites, AZmovies is also a website that allows the users to download films for free of cost and of different qualities from the site. It is not a reliable nor a conventional source of movie watching because it contains potential threats to our devices in which we watch movies. People All Around The World, however, use these websites for watching movies without any cost and are in in a way participating in a form of crime. In spite of the less cost that the website constitutes of we actually lead ourselves to a larger cost while downloading by virus instalment into our computers or mobile phones.

What is AZmovies ? 

AZmovies is an illegal streaming platform that caters to various users by dividing its content into several sections. The website operates on the various proxies and domains to avoid being traced to their actual location. It has several sections in it such as top 10, download featured movies, download new movies, download popular movies, download top-rated movies and many more. The platform has not yet leaked any recently released movies but the illegal platform is known for streaming several movies for free without any copyright issues or permission from the production houses.

Films like Shubh Mangal Savdhan, Do-little, Sonic the Hedgehog and several other movies are present on the website. According to Alexa this pirated that site has a global rank of 379460 websites has only 2.9 daily page views per visitor according to Alexa and average visitors spends up to 1.49 minutes on the website. According to the worth of, it has an estimated net worth of 19706 dollars it has a daily revenue of 62 dollars and the monthly revenue of 1860 dollars.

How to download movies from AZmovies? 

Downloading movies, web shows and series from A-Z movies are like any other website. The process is quite easy for downloading the movie since the website already makes content available in several sections. When you open the website you can also find several top-rated web shows and movies on the home page itself. You can also search for your Wanted movies in the search box in the right-hand side upper corner of the website.

Before you open the website make sure you use a VPN which is good and reputed so that your IP address can’t be tracked. After that open the website of Google Play and download any well-recommended ad blocker app to block ads from the website. After you do that open both App blocker and VPN and turn them on. After that go to the website and search for your movie which you want to watch and click on the stream option or download it if you want. You can also choose the resolution in which you want to watch the movie from the options.

AZmovies Watch Online Movies

Legal standing of the website

Like any other free options of watching movies via Torrent, this website is also an illegal option. Websites like these do not have any copyrights from production houses and are illegally providing movies on their website which are free of cost. According to the Indian government, piracy is unlawful and crime in the eyes of law. Anyone caught creating or suggesting piracy content is subjected to court and can be jailed and fined rupees 200000 according to the intensity of crime.

As of now, AZmovies has not yet been banned by the government. The website uses several proxies and domains to run its website from an unknown location in order to escape the law. Downloading or watching movies from sites like these are illegal and punishable as well as morally wrong. Other than that it can also lead to damage to your devices if viruses get installed while downloading anything from such sites. If you are using such sites in order to watch movies make sure you do not give out your credentials or password of any kind in the website for your safety reasons.

Alternatives of AZmovies

There are several alternatives to websites like these. If you’re searching for websites which provide free content and illegal then some of them are: 

  • Tamil Print Cc 
  • DVD Villa 
  • 9xflix 
  • 9movies 
  • Jalshamoviez 
  • Thiruttumovies 
  • Happy2hub
  • 13377x

Other than these and safe ways of watching movies some of the legal options may cost you money but are a lot more reliable and good for your everyday purposes. The legal site also does not cause you any trouble of virus since they are well protected. Other than that illegal options are morally best Bakers they have copyrights and are not stealing the work of filmmakers. Some of the popular and good websites of legal choices are Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Z5 Originals, Alt Balaji, Voot, Hulu, Hoichoi and many more.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do we need to register ourselves in order to watch movies in AZmovies ?

No, we do not need to register ourselves in order to watch movies here. You just need to download a good VPN and ad blocker and start watching the films you want.

  1. What resolution of movies are available in the site? 

There are several resolutions available in decide for different movies. Some of the resolutions available for certain movies are 280mp, 360mp, 480mp and HD quality. 

  1. Is it safe to watch movies here? 

It is not at all safe to watch movies here since it is an illegal website and contains pirated content. You may end up downloading viruses from the website and may also end up in jail with a fine of 200000 rupees due to the piracy law.

  1. How much does it cost per movie to download from here?

It is an illegal Torrent website that allows you to watch movies without any cost and hence you do not need any money to download movies from here.

  1. I cannot find the website anywhere what should I do? 

Websites like these are always on the Run from the government and hence keep on changing their web addresses in order to hide locations.  There are several mirror websites of the same. All you need to do in order to find the website is search out its name and you will find several similar websites of that name click on the original web address you know. It will lead you directly to the new website that has been formed. You can also use the similar addresses available in your search platform since all of them are either mirror or versions of the same website.


This article by any means does not promote piracy. We understand the hard work of the filmmakers and actors while making a movie and do not want them to suffer because of such websites. This article has been written in the sole purpose of educating the people around us about the pros and cons of pirated websites. We urge everyone reading this article to not entertainment websites which provide pirated content not just because it’s morally wrong but also because it makes you fall under legal consequences.

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