What is Propinquity Effect in Social Psychology

What is Propinquity Effect

Have you ever had a weird bond with anyone you always meet and consider alluring?

This physical resemblance is called “Propinquity.” The presence between individuals may be physical or emotional. People whose beliefs, behaviour and personality closely appear to be the strongest. 

What is Propinquity

The significance of the Propinquity Effect was demonstrated by Psychologists Kurt Back, Stanley Schachter and Leon Festinger through the newspaper ‘The Spatial Ecology of Group Formation’ in 1950.

Propinquity occurs amongst people who share the same views and are similar in many ways. It is often called physical or psychological association between people leading to partnerships or friendships. The Propinquity Effect is the inclination which drives people to establish a friendship or intimate links.

The phenomenon has been described as an engagement with others that also helps to create friendships. Regular encounters with employees at areas of study and work are important for establishing a strong link with people. We get to know a lot of people and their personalities when we see them a lot.

We learn to understand people and we wish to confront each other as well. They are appealing to us and a strong relationship develops. It can occur where people get to know more through communities, in offices, at schools, in training courses as well as in other locations.

In 1972, 23 graduates in psychology, all of them in the same classroom, completed 9 hours of psychological counselling in dual classes in research on interpersonal interaction (Piercey and Piercey). Students had their optimistic and derogatory feelings towards each member of the class before and after assessments were performed.

Propinquity Effect in Social Psychology

In the post-test, participants of the same responsive training community valued each other better than participants of the other community before and after the trial. The findings showed that the counselling of 9 hours improved the participants’ access with each other in the single community, making them more likeable.

Interactions play a vital role in determining how strong the connection is established and whether individuals with high propinquity are closely linked. It also helps to establish a close human connection. The key factor for any relationship is building trust and you also trust people with those whom you work every day.

Residential Propinquity

The Propinquity you’ve got for someone on the job is “Occupational Propinquity” and “Residential Propinquity” is one you have for people in your home or neighbourhood. Likewise, amongst people who hardly interact with one another impact does not appear to be there. Propinquity brings a unique change in faith and value between individuals. You build friendship, affection, resemblance, and grow exponentially together.

You are much more probable to be buddies whom you see every day and communicate with on an ongoing basis than any outsider. It’s all because you feel protected and also have a love and compassion for them.

Examples of Propinquity Effect

For example, a manager engaging with his staff and workers appears to own a strong bond with them more frequently; you could also get Propinquity and a strong companionship with anyone you met on the internet; you might have Propinquity to your classmate or a best friend you see every day. 

Nevertheless, with virtual encounters the level of Propinquity reduces, resulting in weaker connections. Adopting immediate messaging and facetime has reduced propinquity impacts. With the exception of a lack of material existence, online communications have made immediate and close encounters with people possible. This enables a theoretical “Virtual Propinquity” to operate on digital intercourse where individuals are virtually connected. 

Research conducted after internet and mail development continues to show, nevertheless, that distance is indeed a strong criterion of communication, engagement, connection and influence. 

Propinquity Effect has everything to do with the actual and recurrent experiences.

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