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Torrentz Search Engine

Torrentz: Never Worry for Another Link! Tips on how to download using

Torrentz is a free, fast and powerful, Finland based meta-search engine for BitTorrent. It is combining results from dozens of search engines. 

Torrentz as of today is a successor and replacement of, this platform allows you to search and download data from various sources. It also acts as an internet location search tool.

In simpler words, searching in Torrentz is as simple as using Google. Just like Google searches the internet for the perfect link you want, Torrentz finds the links to the video or any files you wish to download.


  • Ensure that you have enabled your VPN Service. This is necessary to save you from anyone who would potentially try to harm your device. It is used by millions of users daily. Thus it is best to take precaution.
  • Go to
  • Users are not required to make an account to download any information from this meta-search engine. Thus it is easy for you to start searching right ahead.
  • Go to the search bar on the search engine.
  • Type in what you wish to download. You may use keywords for your search or example in the exact video you are looking for.
  • By hitting enter or the search icon on the UI, a list of downloadable links will be available on the screen.
  • The top bar of the list will show the total amount of Torrentz links the list contains, along with the time it took to gather all the links, which is usually under a second.
  • On the right, you have the option to turn the ‘Adult’ option ON or OFF. 
  • Quality is also mentioned for the viewers on the rightmost edge of the list. ‘Quality’ shows the average quality of all the videos combined. By default, it finds links for you which mostly come under ‘Good Quality’.

The list will mention basic details about the link, including peers, date, run time, size and rating.


  • Click on the link you find best for the results you were searching for.
  • A new page will open, showing the different downloadable versions of the link. It usually indicates BluRay, Dvd and various mp4 versions it has available. 
  • Adjacent to these links, you can find out how old these links are. By default, it will try and give you the latest links possible.
  • Click on the link amongst the given options with which you want to download.


  • Go ahead and open Torrent Application on your PC. It is free software and is easily downloadable. 
  • You may notice that these links are already added in the software.
  • Click OK given on the bottom right corner of the dialogue box.
  • Your download will start on the screen, showing its status and size for you to cross-check.
  • Download speed is also provided along with an estimated time it will take for the link to download.


Yes! This might be the question in anyone new to downloading from Torrent links.

 It respects copyrights and acts in compliance with EUCD (European Union Copyright Directive) and DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Thus, Torrentz has a spotless relationship with copyright owners and governmental organizations. 

However, Torrentz does not have any control over any links or files it provides. Torrentz is not a hosting site; it is only a search site. It only looks for the relevant files and links from other sources and sites them as well.

We would recommend you to use other websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Alt Balaji etc to download the movies of your choice as they are a legal way to watch or download.

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