Top 20 Best Flight Booking Websites in India

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The first aeroplane was invented in 1903 by the Wright brothers. It was recognized as the first “sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight”. It has been 117 years since the first aeroplane was invented and now it has become one of the easiest jobs to travel in one. Flight Booking and travelling is just one click away nowadays. 

Best Flight Booking Websites in India 

The time when you had to wait endlessly in long queues just for a ticket is far gone. You don’t have to look for travel agents to make your trip easier now because now, you can enjoy the easy services with just a click of a button. You can now customize your journey to the next tourism location without being dependent on anybody else. There are a bunch of websites providing an easy to use the platform as well as tempting discounts and cashback. 

Top 20 Best Flight Booking Websites in India

India is one of the biggest online markets in the world. It surpasses other countries with the highest number of Internet users as well. There are almost half a billion Internet users in India and seeing the opportunity, companies have opened online websites, portals and applications to make flight booking user friendly and easy. 

Here is a list of top best flight booking websites in India. 

  1. MakeMyTrip
  2. Skyscanner 
  3. Expedia 
  4. Goibibo
  5. Clear trip
  6. Yatra
  7. Via
  8. Paytm 
  9. Ixigo
  10. Momondo
  12. Cheap Ticket 
  13. Kayak
  14. Thomas Cook
  15. EasyMyTrip
  16. TripAdvisor 
  17. Weigo Flight Booking
  18. Air IRCTC
  19. Air India
  20. Google Flights
  • Make My Trip

Make My Trip (MMT) offers the best User Interface for the users to provide them with a soothing flight booking experience. MMT has revolutionised the travel industry in India and has become India’s No. 1 for flight booking. It gives you a wide range of competitive choices based on connecting flights, flight duration and price. 

  • Skyscanner

This website is owned by China’s leading travel company, Ctrip since November of 2016. Skyscanner is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and is a travel metasearch engine. It has wide variety of features for user selection. The website also lets you book a hotel, rental or an Airport Transfer ride through their portal. 

  • Expedia

Expedia was launched by Microsoft in 1996 but was sold to another company in 2001. It is a global company. The website lets the user book flights, hotels, buses and cars to rent. Expedia is one of the most revenue generating online travel agencies in the world. It also lets you know the extra cost that you were charged with if you later find out that you did not get the best promised price. 

  • Goibibo

It is a product of Ibibo Group (a subsidiary of MakeMyTrip Limited) and also owns which is India’s best platform to book bus tickets. It was launched in 2009 and has received awards like “India’s No. 1 Brand in the category of Online Travel and Leisure” in 2015. It offers the users with easy access and best discounts. 

  • Clear trip

Clear trip is a popular website founded in 2006 as a flight and hotel aggregator. It joined forces with Google Flight Search Application to offer the best rates of flights and routes. It has a simple UI making it easier for the common folk to surf through the website and come up with the best vacation. 

  • Yatra has a soothing User Interface. The website gives you some of the best current offers based on flight types like one way, Round-trip and Multicity. It offers some the lowest fares for international as well as domestic journeys. You can also make a cruise journey by booking from the website now. It is listed in New York’s NASDAQ. 

  • Via is a good market leader of various flights for flight booking in India. It is an online travel agency based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. 

  • Paytm

Who else thought of Paytm as a financial transaction making app only? Well, you are certainly wrong there as Paytm app has diverse options available on it. It lets you pay bills, do shopping, order services and also make travel plans. Make your travel plans right now with this easy to use app.

  • Ixigo

Ixigo helps users book hotels, buses, trains and also, airlines. The website offers best deals and discounts to choose from that are too tempting to stay away from. What makes Ixigo a great website is its sincerity towards the local customer. Their UT is crisp and clear with results just a click of a button away. 

  • EasyMyTrip

It is an Indian company providing domestic and international flights with ease and convenience. It is soon going to become the first Indian Online Travel Agency to be listed on Indian Stock Exchange. It provides the user 24X7 guidance on its website or application. 


Don’t want to wait in long queues just to get a ticket? lets you book your next flight to a tourism attraction with the comfort of your home. It gives you a seamless experience and cares for you throughout your travel booking experience. 

  • Momondo

It is a subsidiary of Booking, com and white-label of It is one of the best options to search for affordable flight tickets. The level of great discounts it offers is hard to find anywhere else. It also operates a travel information blog named Inspiration. 

  • Cheap Ticket

Another website on the list for making your travel cheaper and better is It has great discounts that you can avail for your next trip. This website guarantees client’s safety and security as well. 

  • Kayak

Kayak is a travel agency owned and operated by Booking Holdings. It searches hundreds of other websites so that you can judge what they have got to offer and you don’t have to go through the hassle of spending hours on the Internet. The metasearch engine was founded in January of 2004. 

  • Thomas Cook

This company has been in the flight booking industry for too long. You can book flights as well as cruise ships through this platform. It helps you in getting travel insurances, passport, foreign exchange services, visa services and much more. The website offers you a range of competitive prices to choose from.

  • TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is an American online travel booking website and the world’s largest platform for the same. You can trust this website for the lowest ever flight rates so that you can save more, worry less and enjoy your trip to the fullest. It offers you with fantastic offers and various options on its platform. 

  • Wego Flight Booking

Wego Flight Booking is a reliable platform for your flight searching experience. It provides you with the cheapest options. The website is used widely in India and the Middle East. You can book hotels using this website as well. 

  • Air IRCTC 

Air IRCTC is by far one of the most used and best flight booking websites in India. The website is customer friendly and also communicative as it lets you send in queries, suggestions and complaints regarding their flight experience. 

  • Air India 

Air India is a national airline company and is the most popular travelling partner in India. It is a seamless website solely for the purpose of flight booking. The UI lets you choose between a series of cheap and economical options. 

  • Google Flights

Google is one of the most famous brands in terms of customer’s trust and value and it isn’t so far behind in the world of air travel as well. Google Flights is a good option to look for flights for your upcoming trip. You can make travel plans, book hotels and do much more by using this website. It is preferred not only in India but also worldwide. 


This list provides you an overview of the best air travel websites to choose from in India that will be able to fetch the best discounts, rates and an overall great experience for your next trip. These apps will show you the best options according to Departure Time, Arrival Time, fares, halts and connecting flights. The websites have made a clear User Interface for simplicity and easy accessibility and hope not to disappoint you in customer service. 

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