[Top 10] Best Luxury Watches For Men


A watch is a must for every individual. It does not just tell the time but also gives an impression about them, and everyone would like to have a good impression about them, so we bring you the top 10 watch brands in India.

1) Titan

This brand needs no introduction and is one of the most well-known watch brands in India.  TITAN is a joint venture between TATA and Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation. The brand is known for its endorsement by celebrities. However, it is also famous for the number of options you have, and we can bet you will be spoilt for choices.

TITAN is also the perfect gifting option for your near, and dear ones may it be a birthday or an anniversary, TITAN provides watches for all occasions.


TIMEX is known for its vintage and modern collections of wristwatches.  TIMEX comes from the TIMEX Group USA. These watches have a lot of positive feedback from consumers.

The R&D wing has come up with watch options for all kinds of audiences.


This Japanese company is right at the top in terms of quality. CITIZEN is known for the best quality products along with a strong R&D. This brand is always ahead of time as it was the first brand to roll out wristwatches with solar panels in the markets.

CITIZEN is known for digital watches; however, it manufactures analog watches as well.


CASIO has been a trendy wristband watch for ages. What makes it unique is the love for the brand to produce watches as compared to other gadgets that the company is into making. CASIO watches are equipped with a lot of features as compared to other brands. The brand has now entered another segment which makes watches measure your heartbeat, pulse, etc. If you want to go for a high-tech brand, then this is the option to go for.


GUESS is made especially for those people who want a fashionable wristwatch.  The brand is known for its stylish as well as expensive wristwatches that everyone cannot afford. If the watch does not make a hole in your pocket, then we would suggest you go for options like GUESS DRESS, GUESS SPORT, etc.



TOMMY HILFIGER is a company that produces classy wristwatches. It is considered as one of the best wristwatches in the fashion industry. The company makes watches suitable for men, women as well as unisex. These watches come with a sense of comfort on your wrists; however, the downside is it could be a bit heavy on your budget.


FASTRACK is one of the first names which comes into mind when we hear the word wristwatches. The brand launched in 2008 is known for funky designs, waterproof watches which makes it a popular name among the teens and the kids.  It is a relatively new brand, and we believe it will go a long way to redefine how the future wrist watches shape up.


FOSSIL brand is known for great styles, features, and in fact, it is not a brand, it is a legend. It compliments you in all formal, informal and party wear. If you want to impress someone, then this is the brand to go for. However, this brand, too, can be a bit heavy on the pockets.


DANIEL KLIEN watches are readily available on various e-commerce websites. The fact that these are readily available on different e-commerce websites has made the brand a huge success.  You have multiple options to choose a watch based on your requirements, like formal and informal watches. You will love the varieties and be spoilt for choices.


GIORDANO is for the people fond of luxury watches and is looking for something to add to their elite collection.  You will get an excellent quality piece as experts manufacture all the wristwatches.  You can choose from various options like an analog wristwatch, digital, quartz, etc. The straps with the watch also give you a fantastic feel and experience. It is worth trying out this brand.

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