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Rarbg Proxy List

Rarbg proxy site is a website which provides magnet links found in 2008. Rarbg site is a website available in the English language. It can be used to share torrent files and magnet links using the bitTorent protocol. With availability of other websites, as per Alexa rankings rarbg site rank at 347 out of other websites providing links (as of June, 2019). With this trend of sharing files and using magnet links there are approximately 3 lakh users who use rarbg site on a daily basis. With huge amount of users on daily basis rarbg site uses the most common BT protocol for transferring digital audio files or TV shows and other videos files. Its official website is rarbg.to.

Though we see that rarbg is gaining more importance as a commonly used website for sharing torrent files still it had to go through some tough times. Rarbg was once closed down for nearly one week in December 2008. This closed down was a result of pressure from BREIN (Bescherming Rechten Entertainment Industry Netherland) which stands for an association looking after the protection of rights of the entertainment industry of Netherland. Apart from this, there are a few countries where rarbg site is blocked, a few of them listed below,

Name of the country Year of blocking
Saudi Arabia 2014
United Kingdom 2014
Denmark 2015
Portugal 2015
Belgium 2019
Indonesia 2017
United Arab Emirates 2018
Ireland 2018
Australia 2017
Finland 2018
Greece 2019

100% of Alexa users visit sites like this to share and view torrent files and digital video files. Rarbg through torrent activity is used to download movies and TV shows by the majority of internet users. To judge if using rarbg is legal or not highly depends upon the area where you live. As discussed above the countries where rarbg proxy is blocked, these countries have copyright issues and hence the original release can be viewed only on the particular release medium say Amazon prime or Netflix and hence their original release are not available on such websites protecting the copyright of these releases. So safely using such websites majorly depends whether this is legal or not in the country where one is living. Mostly all countries take copyright issues seriously but still there are websites where movies and shows are easily available despite of copyright protection.

Though all countries try to protect copyright of such entertainment releases some follow it strictly which is why rarbg is banned in some countries whereas it is still functional with large number of users increasing at a great pace. When the question of safety arises while using websites like rarbg site for downloading and sharing torrent files through torrent activities it is counted to be a safe option if you use a VPN before downloading files. A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which connects or allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. A VPN usually provides you a higher degree of privacy while surfing the Internet.

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