How to Apply for Mio Amore Franchise, Cost, Profit, Investment

Looking for a Mio Amore franchise option? Franchises are undoubtedly the best means to earn a decent and regular income. This is the reason why franchises have become so popular at present. At findonlineinfo, we have a vast collection of franchises for you to invest in. Read the entire post to find out how to apply for a Mio Amore franchise. 

About Mio Amore

Being one of the most popular names in confectionery and bakery items in eastern India, Mio Amore is loved by all. With a collection of a wide range of products ranging from freshly baked cakes to cookies, fries and non-vegetarian and vegetarian deliquesces, this company has something for every customer.

The word Mio Amore in Italian stands for ‘My dearest’. With their inquisitive creations and mastery in the art of exquisite delicacies, Mio Amore has won several awards including the ‘Most Admired Retailer of The Year’ for Food Service.

Why you Should Apply for Mio Amore Franchise?

Being one of the top pastry shops and confectionaries in India, a Mio Amore franchise is a very attractive business idea. Here’s why you should consider applying to this franchise.

ReliableWith years of expertise, Mio Amore has become a reliable brand. As a result, people almost blindly trust the products of this company. Such reliability is a big boost to any franchise.

  • Profitable

The company offers a handsome commission on the sale of its products to the franchisees.

  • Popular

Popular among kids as well as adults, this brand has secured a place in the customer’s minds. Owing to this, a Mio Amore franchise will surely be a big hit in any locality.

Details of Mio Amore Franchise

Here are all the details that you need if you are looking to apply for a Mio Amore franchise.

  • Investment

To start the Mio Amore franchise, you need an investment of approximately 12 lakhs (INR). Here is an approximate breakdown of the investment:

Advance Deposit: 2 lakhs

Security Deposit: 5 lakhs

Interior Designing and Modelling: 5 lakhs

The estimate above is an approximate value. Also, the rent, electricity and maintenance bills are excluded.

  • Area Required

The minimum carpet area required for the franchise is specified as 250sq. ft. Also, a parking space in front of the outlet is specified. The outlet should be located in a commercial zone. The company also specifies that a minimum distance of 2 km must be maintained between two Mio Amore outlets so that they don’t affect the business of each other. 

  • Term of Agreement

The initial term of the agreement is for 3 years. However, the contract length can be extended at any point in time.

  • Experience Required

The company considers the educational qualifications and the backgrounds of the franchisee while looking into the application for a franchise.

  • Number of Employees

Although the company does not specify anything about the number of employees, yet about 3-4 employees are enough to run an outlet of 250sq. ft.

  • Profit Margin

The company offers a profit margin of 20% on the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) per product to the franchise.

How to Apply for the Mio Amore Franchise?

If you are ready to apply for the franchise, you can visit their official website through this link and fill up the form.


Alternatively, you can also email and call them.

Call: 9836034567 (Contact between 10 A.M to 6 P.M on all days)



As mentioned above, Mio Amore is one of the best franchise ideas to invest in. However, we at findonlineinfo are not directly related to the company. For any info, you can visit the official site.