Mehandi Artist in Delhi, Best Mehandi Designer in Delhi

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Mehandi Artist, Best Mehandi Designer in Delhi

With the upcoming wedding season coming up, one could use the services of good Mehandi artists in Delhi for Bridal makeup. Marriages are one of the most important events of life, and the bride and groom want it to be a memorable one. 

A good Mehandi from a good Mehandi Artists in Delhi can make the wedding a memorable one not only for you, but even the guests will enjoy it and remember it for a long time and shower you with compliments. It is always best to get your Mehandi done from a professional Mehandi artist to get the best results,

Mehandi Artist for Karwa Chauth

With the Karwa Chauth coming on Thursday, 17 October (Tentative), You can use a Mehandi artist in Delhi NCR for the occasion to make it a memorable one for you as well your husband.

A Mehandi designer in Delhi can offer various types of designs, depending on his creativity and experience. It is thus suggested to choose a professional Mehandi.

We would suggest Sonu Mehandi for the work because they have the best Mehandi artist in Delhi NCR for all the Mehandi requirements.

Mehandi Artists near me

You can easily find Mehandi artists near you by clicking on the link provided below. It will redirect you to the best Mehandi designer in Delhi. You can hire these Mehandi designers for all your requirements may it be a wedding, Karwa Chauth or any other occasion. 

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Mehandi Options offered by Sonu Mehandi

Sonu Mehandi, a professional Mehandi artist, offers different services such as:-


These are all done by Professional Bridal Mehandi Artists in Delhi. One could easily rely upon the services of the professionals for all their requirements. 

There are many self-proclaimed Best Mehandi Artists in Delhi; however, not all of them have the relevant experience, and one should be very careful while choosing a Mehandi Artist for their special occasion.

About Sonu Mehandi

Sonu Mehandi is a company of professional Mehandi Artists in Delhi who understands what it takes to make an occasion genuinely excellent.

Benefits of Sonu Mehandi

  • 1) Designs in your budget
  • 2) Happy Customers
  • 3) Home visit
  • 4) Unique, attractive designs

Why Mehandi?

Indian religion science says that Mehndi must be applied in the Hindi month of Savan. It also means that it is auspicious to apply Mehndi in Savan. Our religions beliefs say that the women who use henna easily escape from quarrels. Love grows in the family, and where love will grow, progress will be on its own.

Indian religion science says that the woman who will be applying Mehndi, their temperament will not be intense. She will be always happy and feel fresh even despite there being something to make her angry. Mehndi helps women to have control of every situation. There is also a mythological story related to Mehndi. Legends say that on one occasion, Mother Durga was full of anger. Fearful of their rage, the Goddesses found a remedy to calm it. 

It was discovered that if the dress of Mehandi was imposed on the body of Mother Durga, then their anger will be rested and she will be happy. Goddesses did the same. Mehandi was applied to the body of Mother Durga, and the result was that her anger disappeared and she was pleased.

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