Love the Game of Drama! Listen to These Best 5 Drama Stories in Hindi!

Love the game of drama

One of the most important ways for leaders to influence, educate, and encourage others is to tell stories. What is it about storytelling that makes it so effective for learning? To begin with, storytelling builds links between people and between people and ideas. Stories help people appreciate their common culture, history, and values. Thus, stories have a great value in human life.

Initially the stories that we used to listen were mostly Panchatantra or some mythology stories which had some inbuilt moral teachings in them but now the choice of people have changed and people are preferring dramas more over any other stories.

Here is the list of Top 5 Drama Stories in Hindi that would fun to listen to

  1. Nashe me Duniya by Writer Nida Hussain

At this time everyone is troubled by the addiction of drugs. Whether it is a common man, school college kids or film industry people. Drug addiction is such that one does not see any color, gender nor position, he just attracts everyone in himself. This story is also of such people whose drugs have created havoc in the world. In this story, you will get to hear the dangerous truths of the world of drugs and why people kneel before it!

  1. Surajbala ki Kalam by Writer Sushma Gupta

What happened when a girl lost a pen which she won in her prize. Then she became young and for her came the relationship of the same pen thief. Today, almost fifty years after that pen theft, after all, the real pen thief himself confesses his crime, seeing whom Surajbala is surprised. Who is that pen thief? Listen to the full story to know.

  1. Yaadon ki Giraft Me by Writer Dharmendra Singh ‘Dharma’

Eric’s love story begins in the 9th grade. When Eric, a Christian school student, sees Alina, the desire to make her his own begins to grow in his heart. But then after 12th, Elina’s parents shift to Delhi. He does not even know Elina’s address, nor does he have her phone number. There was no connection with social media. Due to this, both have to be separated. Will life be able to reunite them? This is a very beautiful love story for all those who like to listen to this genre.

  1. Pari Hun Main by Writer Vijaykant Verma

Pari Hun Main is a story of a girl who has to be born by hiding her identity. Because it was a custom in her village that if the first child of a daughter-in-law was born is a girl, she should be killed as soon as she was born. There were plans to kill Pari as soon as she was born. But how did he save her life? And what happened to her after her birth? And has this orthodox tradition, which has been going on for years, come to an end? To hear the answer to these questions, listen to a very beautiful family story.

  1. Adrishya Hatyara by Writer Nida Hussain

“The story begins with a teenager’s suicide, but are they really just a suicide? The inspector has doubts! Because soon after this the horrific game of suicides starts, one by one the teenager is committing suicide and The way of suicide by everyone is exactly the same. What is behind this suicide or all of them is an invisible killer? The story is full of suspense and fun to listen to.

Listen to these amazing drama stories in Hindi on KuKu FM and enjoy the fun ride of these dramas.

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