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Limewire Pro has launched 19 years ago on 3rd May 2000. It was released to support clients like windows, OS X, Linux, and Solaris. Basically, all torrent websites and proxies use BitTorrent website since BT is the commonly used file-sharing protocol. In the case of Limewire, it used Gnutella as well as BT protocol for file sharing through peer to peer network.

Limewire site was developed by Lime Wire LLC. It was initially released on 3rd May in 2000 that is 19 years ago, whereas it had a final release on October 26th, 2010, approximately 8 years ago. And finally, Limewire site had a preview release on May 7th, 2010 that is 9 years ago.

Limewire site initiated for browsing, downloading and having access to the latest movies and entertainment content was made available in 32 languages to its users. Likewise has a current status of being discontinued. Limewire had both a freeware and a purchasable enhanced version for its clients so that they could access it as per their requirements.

On October 26th, 2010 the US government issues an injunction on Limewire, prohibiting it from uploading, downloading, searching and file trading facilities which it provides to its clients. As a result of this Limewire had to stop distributing the LimeWire software and the newer versions of LimeWire software along with versions like Limewire 5.5.11. But this is not all of it; the injunction imposed by the US government could not stop users from using the version 5.5.10 and versions older than this. The only thing which could stop the users from completely using Limewire that it also prohibits them from using the older version is the client itself when they upgrade their older version.

This is because the company has installed a backdoor to disable to newer versions. So once a client who could successfully use the older version upgrades to a newer version which has been disabled by the company by installing backdoor the client can no longer browse, download or share entertainment media or movies from peer to peer sharing as it could do from the older version.

The owner of LimeWire provided both a freeware software of Limewire as well as a paid enhanced version. The LimeWire Pro that is the enhanced version provided all latest updates for 6 months for the price of 21.95$ whereas updates for complete one year was provided at 35$. The major difference we could say was the speed of downloads and better search results between the freeware and the enhanced version that is the LimeWire Pro version. The company clearly claimed that the paid version provided 66% better results also supporting faster downloads.

The enhances version had direct connections with approximately 10 hosts whereas the freeware provided by the company had direct connections with 8 hosts which added up to the list of pros of having access to an enhanced paid version being LimeWire rather than having access to the freeware which though provided the audience with browsing, downloading and sharing facilities lacked behind in latest search results of better quality and also was associated with competitively low sped of downloads.

The free version, LimeWire free is still available for download with more than 100 million monthly users and still increasing daily downloads by many people across the globe. Though there are sites from where you can download the Limewire free version, these sites are not affiliated with LimeWire LLC. Using LimeWire can be a matter of violation the copyright laws but still one can access it illegally though using LimeWire for browsing, downloading and sharing the media content is not legal anymore.

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