Best Kickass Torrent Site Status, Proxy List 100% Working List 2019

Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent is a torrenting website available to the audience to browse, download and share files through peer to peer network. The most commonly used file transfer protocol that is BitTorrent or says BT (commonly used the abbreviation for BitTorrent) was followed by Kickass Torrent Sites Kickass can be referred to like a magnet link provider launched 10 years ago on November 2008. It was found as the most visited BitTorrent directory in the world by November 2014. Within six years of its launch, kickass site for torrenting overtook The pirate bay says Alexa’s site ranking. The site provided downloading and browsing facility to the client audience in 30+ languages with English being the primary language. Torrenting is not illegal but it provided access to pirated content which is an illegal actual which is why US government seized the kickass torrent website for violating the copyright laws and making copyrighted content available to the audience for free. It was on 20th July 2016 when Kickass torrent went officially offline.

. It was found that all the proxy servers were set off by the staff at the same time when Kickass Torrent was forced to shut down by the US government. It’s official website being with registration being optional. Before complete closure of KAT (commonly used the abbreviation for Kickass Torrent) in 2015, it was found that it had over 1 million users per day. It had been reported that the staff members of Kickass in December 2016 revived the KAT community by creating a new website having the same features and appearance as of the previous one. KAT was initially launched by the domain name Later the owner of KAT changed its domain name to Philippines domain name

The torrenting industry saw a lot is seizers one after the other which included site seizures of Demonoid and Torrentz by United States Department of Justice. Later the owner of KAT resorted to a strategy of changing its domain name every six months in order to escape seizure and continue its function of providing entertainment content to the audience which involved providing access to copyrighted content as well. The various domain names adopted by Kickass included,,, and On 28th February 2013, the ISPs in the United Kingdom were ordered to block the kickass torrent website. On 20th July 2016, the owner of KAT domain was arrested and the United States Department of Justice seized the website of Kickass.

After this seizer, many unofficial mirror websites were put online. These mirror websites had no connection with the original staff team of Kat and hence the KAT team started spreading the message to the mirror users to be cautious as it’s not them but someone who is not in connection with them. After this most of the mirror websites having no connection with the original staff members were taken down.

A lot of mirror websites are still functioning. Mirror websites are websites which provide access to content available on the original website in case access to the original website is not possible due to some reasons. Kickass proxy websites can be used to download the latest movies and entertainment media which are copyrighted. Kickass movies are easily available on the mirror websites and can be downloaded through the magnet link provided on the kickass movie website. Few such mirror website or say kickass proxies as per 2019 are listed below-

Majority of these mirror websites are online, some being offline. The speed of all these kicks as movie proxies is very high. These kickass movie proxies are very handy provided you have a secured network then you can access the content on these websites and enjoy torrenting.

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