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Idope Proxy

Idope is a torrent website which reportedly has clean UI, lesser or says no advertisements and a search indexer like zooqle. Idope proxy is a highly rated torrent search engine which has positive feedbacks from its users. It works like other search engines including Torrentz and Google. No doubt why it has become so popular as it provides good facilities, clean UI and lesser advertisements. Over the last couple of years, torrents have become very famous. Torrents have gained a lot of popularity over the years. It is basically a website used by youngsters to download movies, music, and other applications.

There are many websites from where torrents can be downloaded but one of the best is Once this website was highly famous and flourishing but due to some issues, it is offline now. Basically, idope proxy is a magnet link-sharing website, a search engine which provides up to date information and latest magnet links as a torrent index. The text around the logo of idope says a tribute to kickass torrent. Though it has been created as the best alternative to kickass torrent it has been created as a tribute to kickass torrent. It also ensures the privacy of users since it is a torrent search engine which does not track.

Also for a better and optimized user-friendly experience, the owner has launched an app for android. Also, the app has attracting features in there like the content can be filtered and sorted by file size, quality, and much more customizable filters. The site provides a lot of data, that is a dump of data since the content is updated every hour. Idope Proxy has a global traffic rank of 1,00,130 in comparison with the other torrent search engines all over the world. The idope domain has a .xyz extension. With that ratings and services, idope has huge popularity and has a net worth of $1,20,000. Reportedly idope has a daiy revenue generation of $200. Idope protects the privacy of the users and has not been reported by any of its users as a threat to privacy so is safe to use.

Idope 2019 is a revised version of idope. Idope 2019 has daily visitors amounting to 3165 people. Idope 2019 being a revised version it has daily page views to be 8546. As per recent alexa ranking idope 2019 it ranks at 1,46,333th rank (as per 22nd June, 2019). Idope has been reportedly found from the top 10 most visited BitTorrent sites. Idope has been launched as a tribute to kickass torrent when it was shut down forcefully in 2016. Idope provides direct magnet links to the content. Back in 2016 one of its operators stated that the launch of idope project was developed a day after Kickass Torrent (KAT) was taken down.

The operators also added that they wanted to launch something to serve the audience and not to earn money out of it. As we know many of its users have reported that idope has no annoying advertisements, back in 2016 the operators said they are planning to launch something without irritating pop-up advertisements. Once Idope was launched it started gaining significant popularity within days and the years followed by it have only seen increasing popularity and no turning back. So we can say that the launch after KAT for giving it a tribute has been successful since the ratings have been increasing reportedly for idope se, newly launched idope 2019 and users have only good reviews to provide and no bad PR resulting in huge amount of people daily visiting the website and enjoying content with full privacy.

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