How to Set Up Carl Bot, Carl Bot Commands, and Features

Carl Bot

Running a discord server is not child’s play. If you don’t know the exact commands and features, it can be a tough nut to crack. It is nothing short of an adventure but if you get a crux of what it is all about, you will be wanting to spend all your time on it getting to know more and more about it. Your Discord server can get overwhelming also because of the rowdy members and the spammers that come with it.

If you get a hold of these members and learn how to handle them, you’ll find that discord is one of the best places to hang out and chill with your friends or even strangers. You can talk about your favorite movies, shows, books, or even your day-to-day lives without any judgment. While the Discord community is a task to handle all by yourself, discord bots will make things much easier and manageable for you. We’ll be talking about the Carl Bot today. 

What is Carl Bot? 

The Carl Bot is an advanced bot that allows you to manage logs, store chats, and create reaction roles, like many other Discord server bots available online.  It also takes AutoMod to the next level by not letting spam material, attachments, or links through to your server and penalizes the people who post such stuff. It allows you to create a friendly community for all users by posting welcoming messages who enter your server and also sending messages to those who leave it. Carl bot has a wide variety of features that give you much freedom to proceed with moderating members who use vulgar language or spam groups through text messages. 

How to set up Carl Bot

How to Set Up Carl Bot? 

Setting up Carl bot is a piece of cake and won’t require much of your intelligence. You can follow these steps to set up Carl Bot for your Discord Server-

  • Go to in your Web browser and click on login. 
  • Register your Discord server or sign in if you’re already registered. 
  • Select your Discord server after getting logged in. 
  • Select the features you want to include and then click on Accept. 
  • Now you’ll see the Carl bit present in the main dashboard of your Discord server. 
  • You can now apply all the commands by going to the commands tab on your Carl Bot dashboard. 

Carl Bot Commands and Features

Carl bot is an efficient bot with some fantastic features to manage and moderate your Discord server. It has been used by more than 1.7 million servers. You can use the following features and commands the Carl bot provides all its users with-

  • Reaction roles: Carl bot lets you assign a set of roles for members and moderators of large discord channels. You can set up a message for all members to react to and a role will automatically be assigned to them depending on your reaction. It’s an effective way to limit or ban slammers who sneak into your server. There are almost 250 roles you can choose from. 
  • Log chats and everything else: you can also log every message that appears on your server through this command. It also tells you about the member updates, the number of members who joined and left the updates you applied, and much more. This tool is helpful to keep a backlog of all the events on your server.
  • AutoMod to moderate automatically and efficiently when you’re offline: configuring AutoMod with Carl bot can be very beneficial for you as you can assign a certain limit to the punishment members will receive for breaking rules, using offensive language, and spamming your server. 
  • Welcome new members: this feature creates automatic welcome messages for all new members who enter your server or the ones who are leaving it. 
  • Permission system: this feature allows you to manage all command rules in bulk in the main dashboard. You won’t have to interfere with the system unless a new update or upgrade is required. This feature also allows you to customize commands or override default settings. 


Carl Bot is a user-friendly bit that lets you moderate your server with just a few clicks. It has a wide range of features and commands that make your server helpful for you and all the other members by identifying people who post spam material, vulgar comments, and behave inappropriately. It also sends welcoming messages to all new members so the community retains its peace and friendliness. It can be hard to learn first but over time the bot becomes your one-stop to solve all your Discord-related problems. 

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