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Himzi auto liker

Himzi auto liker is the best site for getting auto likes on facebook. Himzi auto liker is a website from Indonesia and gets enough spam free likes on your Facebook posts.

Why use Himzi auto like no account lock!

Himzi utilizes all token after 1 minutes gap to send Himzi auto like, so facebook never detects abnormal activity or movement. Thus it does not lock down your Facebook account. In case that you are using various websites of Himzi auto liker at the same time. Then Himzi auto liker is not responsible if your facebook account is locked down.

100% no spam!

Himzi website never spams any FB post-offer, post remarks, invite account. It does not post anything a group, post or page and all instruments are 100% spam free and safe moreover.

Himzi Auto Like

Safe and trusted!

Himzi auto liker confided in worldwide since 2011 and did not save facebook login and password in their database, and any data you enter here is profoundly secure. No selling of your information, no logging undesirable information.

Target geo/nation!

You can trade from both your own and any foreign nation. Presently you can choose worldwide or select a nation for auto liker, auto commenter, auto followers and auto page liker, 200+ country support.

Modify amount!

We have incorporated a new element currently where you can pick the number of likes as per your needs! You can pick between 1-700 amount of any likes/comments/shares before sending your solicitation and get the amount you need Himzi auto like as per your request.

Custom URL/id!

You can utilize connection/URL/username/id to send your solicitation. Himzi auto liker consequently gets information through a chart programming interface. Which then changes your connection/URL/username to a secret id and its better for you that you get Indian preferences from other records.

Win cash!

You’ll get your own special referral connection which connections you can share using any email or internet-based life (facebook/twitter/Instagram). Essentially reveal to your companions that it is so natural to acquire cash and the amount you appreciate profiting first time with this site.

Increment preferences breaking point!

By welcome through your referral connection, you win cash with increment you’re sending check or amount yet is substantial for dynamic individuals. On the off chance that somebody welcomed quit utilizing or deactivated individuals will naturally diminish from credits and your Himzi auto like send amount lessening.

1 million+ client!

It’s basic, quick, simple to utilize, and best quality stage, so this site famous around the world. What’s more, we generally refreshed with the most recent programming interface and gave better administration from another auto liker. Everyday use embrace of clients from 200+ nation, for the most part, Indian client, and all are genuine clients.

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