FzMovies 2020 – Download Bollywood, Hollywood Movies in HD

FzMovies is a pirated movies website from where you can easily download various types of movies in different quality for free of cost. You can find your favourite movies on this website, may it be a Bollywood movie, Hollywood movie, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam. This website has all the movies of your choice. 

FzMovies – Download Bollywood And Hollywood Movies

Fz Movies has got all kinds of videos, so whatever your preference is, you will find that movie here. Some of the types are  

  1. Tamil
  2. Hindi
  3. Malayalam
  4. Kannada
  5. Telegu
  6. Pakistani

Quality of movies found on FzMovies

FzMovies allows you to download your favourite movies in a variety of formats so that you can choose any one them based upon your preference and your internet speed. 

  1. 420p
  2. 720p
  3. 1080p
  4. HDRip
  5. Blueray
  6. DVDscr
  7. DVDrip

How to download movies from FzMovies

You would require a VPN to access such websites as the government has banned the use of such sites. So you need to use a powerful VPN, after installing the VPN change your country to USA and double-check your IP address. Once the IP is of USA, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Search for the movie using the search bar
  3. Before the result comes up, you will have to go through a stepwise process, and at each method, you’ll be shown an ad.
  4. Finally, the thumbnail will show from where you can easily download the movie

Since it is a piracy website, it will show a lot of pop-up ads at each stage, this is how they earn their bread and butter.

Movie size on FzMovies

Fz Movies offers different size versions of the same video so you can easily download the best-suited video. If you are running very low on space in your device, you can download a lower quality video, and if you have a high internet speed, you can go for a good quality video. 

The file sizes available are as follows:-

  1. 300MB
  2. 400MB
  3. 600MB
  4. 1GB
  5. 2GB
  6. 4Gb

Is Fz Movies legal?

The answer is no since Fz Movies is a piracy website; it is against the law to use such sites to download movies and videos. The cyber cell is always working on stopping such sites, but every time they find and block a URL, the website shifts to a new domain name.

This is the reason the URL of the website always keeps on changing. Every time they are caught, they switch to a new domain name. 

Also, the people who have worked hard to make the movies do not get paid every time you download a video from Fz Movies, so that’s why it is not recommended to download movies from such sites. 

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Fzmovies website link (2020 updated)

As mentioned earlier, the website link keeps on changing from time to time, here we have compiled a list of the link where the website was found in 2020. Try out these links, and if the link changes, we will try to include the updated links, you can also comment and let us know the updated links so we can add them.

  • FzMovies.age
  • FzMovies.ro
  • FzMovies.in
  • FzMovies.web
  • FzMovies.biz
  • FzMovies.life
  • FzMovies.ch
  • FzMovies.string
  • FzMovies.rao
  • FzMovies.stark
  • FzMovies.buzz
  • FzMovies.starm
  • FzMovies.storm
  • FzMovies.streak
  • FzMovies.system
  • FzMovies.ag
  • FzMovies.arg
  • FzMovies.cs
  • FzMovies.org
  • FzMovies.stream
  • FzMovies.tube
  • FzMovies.or
  • FzMovies.stream
  • FzMovies.lite
  • FzMovies.app
  • FzMovies.new
  • FzMovies.bhojpuri
  • FzMovies.proxy
  • FzMovies.Kannada
  • FzMovies.lite
  • FzMovies.Tamil
  • FzMovies.vpn
  • FzMovies.tamil
  • FzMovies.south
  • FzMovies.Tamil
  • FzMovies.Hollywood
  • FzMovies.marathi
  • FzMovies.pakistan
  • FzMovies.punjab
  • FzMovies.com
  • FzMovies.vip
  • FzMovies.finest
  • FzMovies.rao
  • FzMovies.ag
  • FzMovies.work
  • FzMovies.com
  • FzMovies.cs
  • FzMovies.apk

Advisory Fzmovies

We do not promote usage of such pirated websites and are not responsible for your usage. If you still want to use these websites, you can still use these websites but at your own risk. 


Piracy of any original content under Indian law is a punishable offence. Find Online Info strongly opposes this type of Piracy. The information described in this post is given to you only to provide the necessary information regarding illegal activities.