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Due to the rise of broadband internet and streaming technology, it has been easier than ever to access movies TV shows and music legally. This has allowed consumers to take in a larger amount of data than previously used. Due to this, people no longer have to watch movies with poor speed and at a low quality of 144p.

300MB Bollywood Movies Download

However, there is a large number of people who depend on peer-to-peer file sharing. This technically counts as piracy. While there are dozens of streaming services in operation such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Apple Music, etc these services are usually subscription-based and an individual would have to pay a certain amount of money per month to avail these services. 

However, not everyone is ready to or can afford to pay this much money to stream TV shows. These users can tolerate a high number of intrusive ads and can adjust to average quality videos.

Fullmaza Website

720P Hollywood Movies Download

Websites like FullMaza fit this kind of demand. These sites bring the latest movies and TV shows to these people who don’t have to pay anything to watch them. Their main aim is to bring content as soon as possible even if the quality is below average.

Since this is exactly what a large number of people are looking for, websites like FullMaza have become very popular among them. These are the people who turn towards illegal streaming or piracy. Streaming media is a form of multimedia, which is constantly received and presented to and user and while being simultaneously provided.

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This way they can avoid downloading which makes it easier for authorities to block the websites. Pirated websites are usually online file hosting index website which streams media such as movies and TV shows. To prevent being caught by government authorities, they usually change the domain addresses frequently. This is to ensure that the site does not become suspended blog or seized by authorities. 

Fullmaza Website

Full Masada is one such pirated site which provides information on release dates, trailers, interviews and full-length films. It has movies of all genres ranging from romance to action. It also allows viewers to view the shows in Hindi and English. 


Because it has a very simple interface and provides free content. It has a very high amount of traffic. Soon as this one of the best sites that offer all the latest movies and videos from film Industries all over the world because of its very simple and user-friendly interface.

Anyone can download and stream movies using this site. It also offers high-quality movies with less data loss for downloading the movies moreover. The ads are comparatively much lesser in number when compared to other sites. 

The content on the website is linked from many sources. If the site was to try and host videos, it would commit a crime. However, since the website simply provides links to where these videos instead of directly hosting them, it is not doing an illegal task in technical terms.

Since content creators work very hard to create content while spending time, effort and money on the same, they would wish to earn back what they have invested and to gain a good return on investment. Since websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. pay a licensing fee to these creators they can get permission from the content creators to display their content on their website.

However, due to the Indian penal code and the Indian piracy laws, legal happenings may take place while downloading movies from FullMaza, which may lead to imprisonment or file up to one lakh from the government. 

Another issue with this site is that they have a large number of viruses and malware in the software in the server which can destroy a phone device or PC storage. 


While the site in itself may not be breaking any actual laws, it does count as an illegal site as it provides a pathway for people to stream movies without the permission of the creators. It prevents the original creators from receiving the proper gains of their effort.


This article does not promote piracy of any kind.  For this, we strictly suggest not to use such websites as they are illegal and appropriate at the same time. Also, using the legal website will stress you a bit and you can enjoy your movie in peace!

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