How to Download BetterDiscord? & How to Use Them

Discord Plugins

Discord is a great community of people who have a wide variety of interests so that you never have to settle for less. You can find your friends or even strangers who share the same interests as you do and be better at communicating in general. The app isn’t the best in terms of UI and also lacks good customization options. The problem with the UI can be easily fixed by using another app called BetterDiscord. With this, users can easily download multiple themes and plugins for discord which isn’t possible with the normal version of the app. BetterDiscord is similar to discord but has a much better UI and many customization options. 

Better Discord

How to download BetterDiscord? 

  • Download the latest version of the app from the homepage. 
  • Run the setup and then accept the license agreement. 
  • Click on the install BetterDiscord button. 
  • Now choose the directory where the original discord app is installed. 
  • Both the apps are now linked to each other. 
  • Now, you can easily install discord plugins now that you have BetterDiscord installed. 

How to download plugins for Discord?

  • Download the plugin you like from the BetterDiscord plugin directory. 
  • Move the downloaded file to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\plugins or you can also find the folder by going to Discord>User Settings>Plugins>Open Plugins Folder.
  • Turn on your selected plugin by going to Discord>User Settings>Plugins. 

Discord Plugins & How to Use Them

BetterDiscord is a program that allows you to add third-party plugins to your boring discord servers. Using plugins with the app is usually against the terms of service of discord and is an offense that can get you banned. These plugins can serve a wide range of functions from visually enhancing your server visually such as themes, displaying call times, and server creation dates, to more complex functionality enhancements such as adding Spotify controls and formatting tools. These are some of the plugins used by a lot of users-

  • Double-click-to-edit

It is a super useful plugin as it allows the user to double click on a text message and edit it later. 

  • JoinedAtDate

This plugin helps you keep a track of how long your community members have stayed with you. It tells you the exact date when the member joined your server. 

  • AppNotifications

This plugin notifies you whenever you get a new message or a new notification. 


Is better Discord illegal?

BetterDiscord isn’t illegal to use but it is against the terms of service of discord. This won’t land you in any legal difficulty. You can definitely use it if you’re seeking extra fun and functionality outside of your own server. 

Where can I get better Discord plugins?

You can find the BetterDiscord plugins from the BetterDiscord dedicated plugin store and download them from there. 

Where are better Discord plugins?

BetterDiscord plugins usually to the regular download location on your computer. You can find your plugins by using the Discord app. Open your Discord user settings, and navigate to the Plugins tab. At the bottom of the page click the “Open plugins folder”. This is where all discord plugins will be stored. 


Users should be careful while choosing which plugins to install and use because they might be incompatible with your other third-party programs that you may have installed. To be on the safer side, create your themes instead of downloading them from some other unreliable source. Installing from unknown sources might cause harm to your PC sometimes. It is always rare for users to witness damage to their devices but it is always advised to weigh the risks of the BetterDiscord app versus the benefits it gives to all its users. 

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