Best Tools to Edit PDF Metadata

Best Tools to Edit PDF Metadata

PDF is the file format widely used by most users to share and edit documents. It is also used in some other situations like publishing or editing electronic documents such as Word documents. Although many tools have several options to edit PDF metadata online, they are not very user-friendly.

For example, Acrobat Pro allows a user to edit PDF metadata, but not the structure or its keywords. Moreover, while Adobe Acrobat Professional has an option to show the structure of a PDF document, it does not have an option to edit specific types of metadata. To do the same, some particular types of plug-ins are required. This minor shortcoming can make working with PDF more difficult.

On the contrary, there are several other tools to edit PDF metadata that are user-friendly and available freely. One such tool is Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor. 


If you search for the best tool to edit PDF metadata for free, then turns out to be a great option. It is a tool that helps a user to edit the metadata of a PDF document. It displays the file’s current definition and lets a user see all the keywords and key/value pairs associated with that document. The user-friendly features of make it easier to organize the data of the document. 

Edit PDF Metadata process at

  1. The first step is to upload the PDF file with metadata to this page.
  2. The file can be uploaded to the portal’s PDF metadata service.
  3. The next step is to edit PDF metadata fields.
  4. The software allows you to edit & delete metadata fields and add new metadata fields at your discretion.
  5. Now, all you need to do is save the PDF with the updated metadata.
  6. To do the same, click on ‘update PDF metadata’ (Red Button) and then get to download the PDF on your particular device.

The simple processing of the software makes it stand out among the other PDF metadata editing software systems.

There are several other tools to edit PDF metadata. These tools make it easier to edit the metadata of a PDF document. A user can use one application for all kinds of metadata searches, allowing them to do a wide range of customization. There are many more tools to help the user to customize the appearance of PDF documents.


Before you head on to use software, it is always wise to do your research level first. Scroll through the internet pages and check what suits you the best in terms of functionality and the time invested while editing the metadata. Editing a PDF file’s metadata is not rocket science, but for frequent users, it is a matter of importance. And, choosing the right platform to do the same can not only increase productivity but results also.

So, buck up, begin your hunt for the best PDF metadata editing tool, and get on working with higher productivity & efficiency.  

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