Afdah – Watch Online Movies | Top 10 Alternatives of Afdah

Just like many other pirated websites, Afdah TV website or Afdah website is one such website that promotes piracy and provides the user’s tons of films which are free of cost. The website is a very old website which has been running continuously throughout countries and providing different resolution movies on its website. It provides English movies, British movies and also television shows of the English language.

What is Afdah ?

Afdah is an online streaming site that indexes content from free online links and serves it to the visitors from Around The World. The content is added automatically and it is not responsible for its accuracy, compliance, copyright, reality and decency. The website creates movies and TV shows in an embedded JavaScript flood that works on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Each movie and TV show on the site has a good description,  IMDB rating and poster along with several other information to help us pick something of our choice. It is also a torrent website but the only difference is that the website also has an app of its own through which we can watch the movies. It is a very popular website and is used by several people across the globe.

The creator of the website runs the website from an unknown location which is not yet detected.

Is it a Legal Website?

It is safe to use but definitely not a legal way to watch movies and TV shows. It is a site where you can stream content online but any site like this is operating illegally if you want to go to the site and watch content make sure to use an ad blocker. Then maybe many ads popping up which might take you to another site which is unsafe.

The next thing is to never download things from sites like this. Downloading content may also result in downloading a virus with it. And also never sign up on their website or do any payment because there can be a phishing scam. Other than that the government of India has blocked sites like. It runs through a different proxy and web addresses from an unknown location. If someone is found creating or using or suggesting such websites then he or she might face a jail time which can extend up to 6 years and a fine of up to 2 lakhs according to the piracy law of the government.

How to watch movies on Afdah ?

Afdah can be blocked by several countries all across the globe but with a few easy steps, we can reach the website and download the app to watch movies from it for doing so you just need a good VPN. The following steps will help you to download movies or stream online from Afdah TV.

  1. In order to watch movies easily, all you need to do is first download a good VPN.
  2. Start running the VPN by selecting a country where the website is not blocked.
  3. Search the website on your Google account and download the apk version of the app.
  4. Also for your safety download an ad blocker before running the app.
  5. Go to your files and install the app.
  6. After the app has been installed to open the app and enjoy watching your favourite movies on Afdah TV.

Good Alternatives of Afdah TV

Just like off the TV there are numerous other websites and apps that provide the uses with free movies to stream. Some of the free movies are available on a number of apps and websites. Below are some of the apps and websites  for your reference.

Other than websites like the pirated ones, the better and safe way to watch movies without any legal repercussions are Netflix Hulu, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video. These charges and amount for the subscription fees but it is what your choice should be. It at least will not lead to legal damage to your reputation or career.

Frequently asked questions

What are the ways sections of the app? 

There are several sections like Hollywood movies, action, adventure, recent Hollywood movies, reality TV, Talk Show, documentaries, animated movies, short films, and a variety of other Genres. 

What are some of the movies leaked by the Afdah website?

It has various kinds of movies available on its website illegally. Hollywood movies can be downloaded. Some of the movies available on the website are Sonic the Hedgehog, bad boys for life, birds of prey and several other movies like gentlemen, Do-little, Pixar’s Onward, The Invisible Man and many other movies.

What is the net worth of Afdah website? 

According to the what of, the website provides the what of several websites the one we are talking about has an estimated what of US dollars 2,32,10,000.

Can I watch movies on the website without any legal authorization ?

It is an illegal website and watching movies here is an illegal option since piracy is banned by most of the countries in the world.

Is it free to watch movies on Afdah?

Yes it is free to watch movies on the website because it is a pirated website that does not cost a single penny to watch movies here.


Movies are the summarization of the hard work of the filmmakers, directors, producers and actors. Copying the movies of The Artist and releasing the films illegally, free of cost is an insult to the art itself and also a crime in the eyes of law. We in this article tried to promote the knowledge regarding the use of such sites and do not by any chance recommend the use of websites like these.

This is an article which is purely written to provide knowledge to the users and not blind them. We hereby announce that we do not by any chance promote or support piracy or copyright crimes. We hope that you liked what you read and will come here again to gather more knowledge about such websites and its functioning.