What is Achieved Status, Definition of Achieved Status and Examples

achieved status

Everyone wants to succeed in their life. Everyone works hard but there is definitely a time in life when guts respond. Positive thinking and sustained effort is the basis for achieving something. Let’s continue with today’s topic Achieved Status. Before getting into the term achieve to let us have a brief look at the word Status.

As Linton says, “A status is closely related belief’s about the expectation of those having status”.

In the sociology term, the status is who we respect.  In some cultures, the position is based on personal achievements. It is within the society as a child, youth or parent. A simple way to identify someone’s position in society is to see his status as a certain qualification or biological.

What is Status?

Status is a term often used in sociology.  Broadly, there are two types of position, the received position and the engraved position. Everyone can refer to someone’s position, or role in the social order – children, parents, disciples, sports, etc. – or on another person’s page. Some criteria are met to achieve the achieved status.

“You have to create something from nothing”

These are great words uttered by the great designer, philanthropist, and businessman, Ralph Lauren, who coined the term “Achieved status“.

Achieved Status – An Overview

Achieved status is a concept proposed by anthropologist Ralph Linton, which reflects a social status that an individual can achieve on the basis of merit or hard work. 

It is a condition that is earned or chosen by oneself.  This is the opposite of the unrelated condition.  It shows the skills, abilities and efforts of an individual.  Examples of attained status are an Olympic athlete, a criminal, or a college professor.

Some people achieve a special status because facilities are available to them but some have to achieve that status as opposed to obstacles and difficulties. Achievements, efforts and skills earn on his own gain over a personal effort.

Factors that influence the Achieved Status

1. Personality

Personality has special importance in human life.  For example, some people look very beautiful, but instead, a normal person leaves a deep impression in our mind. 

“Each person has his own personality, his own identity.”

It depends on how a person attracts others through his knowledge, work and ways of working. Its speciality is that it is recognized in the crowd of millions due to its unique personality.  Actually, the name of the entire image of a person is the personality he creates in front of others.  That is, if your image is positive then you become a person of praise in front of others.

2. Skills and capabilities 

Skill makes us work to do effectively. Skill and capabilities are mixed with each other and they are dependent on each other.  A skilled person needs less time, energy and resources to work. Usage of better skills gives high-quality results.

One must have the ability to do something good.  A well-developed skill can make a person an expert in a particular field.  Skills can be developed over time.  An ability is a type of talent or skill in a particular field.  Despite being natural and natural, it can be improved or developed to some extent.

3. Behaviour

Earning success and popularity in life and having many skills to do important in life, sometimes fades out when a person doesn’t have appropriate behaviour.

One can have a tremendous store of knowledge, confidence. But, bad behaviour may cause numerous obstacles to achieve anything big. Treating unknown people efficiently. Through this can be the only single power that will turn into collective power and can pave the way for success. By doing this one can win such heights. A negative attitude or bad behaviour can never open the doors of achievement.

Examples of Achieved Status

Now that we have known what Achieved Status really is, let us look at a few examples.

Examples can be better understood if we talk about the personality of sportsman, actor, professor etc.

If we talk about the personality of players, actors, professors etc. then the examples can be better understood.

In all these instances one has to work hard to achieve something and not ascribed.

In a democratic system, the nation always looks to achieve this system and not associated. When we talk about schools, we do not find discrimination and the universal education system is followed.  It gives an opportunity to help the other person to get into the achieved position.


Lastly, I would like to end my words. What you have achieved is something that comes to you because you have earned it. In modern societies achieving something is most valued than something you already have, the status achieved is of greater importance because it is based on personal qualities and what a person can achieve.

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