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Most of us enjoy watching a film or any web series while we are in our leisure time. Unfortunately, there are many people who cannot afford to go to a cinema hall or get subscriptions to watch movies or web series. Such people often form or watch their favorite shows or movies from different kinds of websites, the contents of which are most of the time pirated and against the law. In this article, we are going to read about one such article website called 9xflix.

What is 9xflix?

9xflix is an online streaming website that provides all the latest and popular Hollywood, Bollywood,  South Indian, Punjabi movies in HD for it users. Another advantage of it is that we can easily download the film for free and watch it later. Along with the famous movies, 9xflix also provide dubbed versions of the movies on the website.

The user can choose the quality of the movie to download or stream in. Even though the main film is in a high definition format the size of the movie can be made considerably less due to which data consumption can also be made minimum.

9xflix website

Initially, the website only provided Hindi language films and dubbed versions of the English films but now it has updated itself and also provides Bollywood, Punjabi, South Indian and Hollywood films. Initially, the website did not receive huge traffic but now it is one of the most famous pirated websites on the web. The owner of the website updates new movies every week in just 3 to 4 days of the movie release.


Downloading or even streaming movies on 9xflix is illegal. The reason behind this is because the anti-piracy cell banned the use of the website some time back. The owners of this website support and promote piracy which none of the Indians and many countries are against.

This strongly affects low budget movies as people watch it illegally through these websites instead of paying for the hard work which is extremely disrespectful and wrong for the filmmakers. The government has banned sites like these on the ground of violation of copyright contents.

Even though it is banned the website is still up and running from various websites and proxies. This is done by updating the domain name of the site regularly. Entering sites like these are very dangerous. If a user is caught while downloading movies from 9xflix, he or she can even be jailed for a duration of up to 6 years and other than that the government can ask for a hefty amount ranging from 10000 to 2 lakh from the user. It is not at all wise to enter such websites but rather uses legal platforms by paying for a subscription in platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney Hotstar, etc.

9xflix Movies

Website Details 

The IP address of 9xflix is The design site is an operator from San Francisco which is in California, USA. The internet service provider of 9X flex is Cloudflare which is a common service provider for most of the pirated websites. It is a website that provides you with pirated content and encourages the full forms of piracy. It is banned by most of the countries. The interface of this site is very good and very much convenient to use.

How to watch movies there ?

Watching movies here is very easy first you just need to download a good VPN such as DI Turbo VPN. Then all you need to do is open up the website and go to your favourite section of movies and search for your movie or select the movie from the results and start streaming or downloading in your desired quality.


Alternatives of 9xflix 

Websites like these are always on the run and we cannot trust one website to complete our binge-watch session as it can always be shut down by the government. However the owner of the website continually creates new domains and proxies for setting up the website. It becomes inconvenient for us every time to search for the domain hence the easiest option for us is to keep in handsome alternative sites to watch our movies. Some of the alternate sites to watch movies are

  • Afdah movies
  • Jalshamoviez
  • Tamilprint cc
  • DVDVilla
  • HD movies hub
  • Thiruttumovies
  • 9X movies

Frequently Asked Questions 

What quality movies are present here ?

9Xflix movies provide a lot of download option and streaming quality options it ranges from 20 megapixels to HD quality movies.

How much does it cost to watch movies here ? 

You do not need to pay even a penny for watching movies here the movies are free to watch. You do not even need to register yourself in the website in order to watch movies.

I am poor, should I use the website?

If you are unable to a afford the minimum necessities in your life. Then you definitely should not watch movies here although it is free if you are caught you may be charged a fine or even jailed, which you cannot afford to do. It is recommended that you do not go for such sites and instead  work hard and try to get yourself a job that will pay you for your subscriptions to watch movies and not let other people’s hard work go in vain through piracy. 

What are the legal alternative of this website?

Some of the legal alternative of this site are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, Zee5 Original, Balaji alt films, Hoichoi, etc,.

How much time does it take to download movies in 9xflix? 

Downloading movies in 9Xflix isn’t either tough nor time consuming, it takes up to  one hour to 10 minutes depending upon your server speed.


Websites like these are very attractive to users since its free. But it is not right to use such websites to watch movies because the filmmakers work day and night to deliver their best shot and we do not have the right to let it go in vain by watching the movies for free. Other than the moral factor, it is also a crime according to the Indian government to support or take part in piracy.

This can lead to jail time and a fine of Two lacs which is something none of us should go through. So, we recommend you from our side to respect the creators and pay what you are ought to in order to watch your favourite movies or web series that entertain you. Do not expect them to be available for free. Be good citizens and support each other through thick and thin and do not find escapes.

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