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8xfilms is a torrent website to download Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Pakistani and movies in various other languages. It is illegal to allow download of videos from privacy sites like 8X films. 

Download movies from 8X films apk?

Once you download the 8X movies apk, you do not need to sign in or register anywhere. 

The app allows you to search for your favourite movies based on categories. 

The app not only allows Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Pakistani movies, you can also stream Amazon Prime and NetFlix movies,

8XFilms app features

Using this app, you can watch any video or download it on to your phones.

For this, you do not need to register or login to any websites and can directly access all the movies available on 8Xfilms. 

8xflims CC

The app size is minimal, so it can be easily and quickly downloaded on to your phones.

Since it is a free and illegal platform, the chance of getting a virus into your system is always there.

The 8Xfilms app is designed for any phone, so it will work even if you have an old smartphone or a new one. 

Information about the app

  • App name: 8XFilms
  • The version of apk: v3.0 or newer
  • File size of the app: 1.4mb
  • The requirements for apk: Android 4.0 and above
  • Language: English
  • License Type: Free

Size of movies supported

  • 300 MB movie size
  • 400 MB movie size
  • 600 MB movie size
  • 1 GB movie size
  • 2 GB movie size
  • 4 GB movie size

Types of movies available

8X films have movies in various qualities based on your preference and your internet speed. You can choose anyone from the following:-

  1. 420p
  2. 720p
  3. 1080p
  4. HDRip
  5. Bluray
  6. DVDScr
  7. DVDrip 

How to use 8X films website to download movies?

Once you open the website, you will have to go through various steps before you reach your download page, and ads will start on each step when you click. This is how the owners of such websites earn by getting paid to show ads after you complete all the required procedure, the download page will finally come from where you can easily download your favourite movie in your required file size and file type. 

8xfilms Proxy

Government views on 8XFilms

The government has taken several steps to stop websites like 8Xfilms which share content illegally. Still, every time government shuts down the domain if the website, the website is up on a new domain name that’s why the domain name of such websites keeps on changing. At the end of the article, we have mentioned some of the domain names where you can find its website, do check them out. 

3 People of their team were arrested by the Indian government cyber officers of Hyderabad in the year 2015. If sources are to be believed, the owners of the website stay abroad and not in India. 

8X Films website link (2020 updated)

  • 8XFilms.age
  • 8XFilms.ro
  • 8XFilms.in
  • 8XFilms.net
  • 8XFilms.biz
  • 8XFilms.life
  • 8XFilms.ch
  • 8XFilms.string
  • 8XFilms.rao
  • 8XFilms.stark
  • 8XFilms.buzz
  • 8XFilms.starm
  • 8XFilms.story
  • 8XFilms.streak
  • 8XFilms.system
  • 8XFilms.ag
  • 8XFilms.agr
  • 8XFilms.cs
  • 8XFilms.org
  • 8XFilms.stream
  • 8XFilms.tube
  • 8XFilms.or
  • 8XFilms.lite
  • 8XFilms.app
  • 8XFilms.new
  • 8XFilms.bhojpuri
  • 8XFilms.proxy
  • 8XFilms.kannada
  • 8XFilms.lite
  • 8XFilms.telegu
  • 8XFilms.vpn
  • 8XFilms.tamil
  • 8XFilms.south
  • 8XFilms.malayalam
  • 8XFilms.hollywood
  • 8XFilms.marathi
  • 8XFilms.pakistan
  • 8XFilms.punjab
  • 8XFilms.com
  • 8XFilms.vip
  • 8XFilms.best
  • 8XFilms.ag
  • 8XFilms.work

8X films Proxy

You will need to use a proxy to download any movie from websites like this. Thus you would be required to use a good VPN

Piracy is illegal, and we would not suggest anyone film download from such sites as the people who do the hard work to make the film are not paid. It is also illegal to use such sites to download movies, videos and TV shows so you could rather buy them instead of downloading for free.


Piracy of any original content under Indian law is a punishable offence. Find Online Info strongly opposes this type of Piracy. The information described in this post is given to you only to provide the necessary information regarding illegal activities.

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