20 Best Indian Dog Breeds You Should Know About

Best Indian Dog Breeds

A dog type particularly bred by human beings to perform tasks like hearing, guarding, and hunting is called a dog breed. They possess different traits according to morphology that includes skull shape, fur type, coat colour, and body size. Their personality traits include boldness, aggression and, hyper-social behaviour and behavioural traits include herding, hunting and, guarding. As of today, dogs are the most variable mammal and most abundant carnivore species on the planet. 

Indian Dog Breeds 

The most famous and expensive dog breeds today are influenced by the media such as Pug, Saint Bernard, Dalmatian, etc. Many people have a craze for these foreign breeds and overbreeding many foreign breeds has resulted in the extinction of Indian Dog Breeds. People are realizing this problem by the day and now reviving these Indian breeds by adopting them. India is home to many dog breeds especially trained for specialised tasks. Some of them being sighthounds, livestock guardian dogs, sheepdogs and guard dogs. Some of the most famous Indian dog breeds include Bully kutta, Bakharwal Dog, Chippiparai and Gull Dong. 

20 Best Indian Dog Breeds 

Dogs are the most intelligent, loyal and lovable creatures to be taken as a trustworthy companion. They are also known as “man’s best friend” because of their unconditional love for their owners. Though many of the dogs popular with Indians are imported, people are coming in terms with the extinction of Indian Dog breeds and now they are taking them in as a pet or guard. 

Here is a list of the top 20 Indian dog breeds you can take in as your new best friend. 

  • Bakharwal Dog
  • Gull Terrier
  • Kumaon Mastiff
  • Sinhala Hound
  • Mahratta Greyhounds
  • Vikhan Sheepdogs
  • Chippiparai
  • Rampur Greyhound
  • Kombai
  • Tangkhul Hui
  • Jonangi
  • Pandikona
  • Rajapalayam
  • Taji
  • Kaikadi
  • Indian Pariah Dog
  • Mudhol Hound
  • Bully Kutta
  • Gaddi Kutta
  • Indian Spitz

Bakharwal Dog

This breed is an ancient breed found in the Himalayan Mountains of Jammu and Kashmir in the country. These species are on the verge of extinction. Bakharwal dogs are herding and working dogs found throughout India’s Pir Panjal Range. The name comes from the Bakharwal tribe that have been raising them for centuries as village protector and livestock guardian dig. These are strong, heavy bone dogs and are athletic and vigorous. They have a fluffy coat and plumy tail and are mostly black at the toes and white at the chest area. They have a vegan diet consisting of maize, milk rolls and, and rice chaff. 

Gull Terrier

These are an ancient terrier-type developed in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan for the first time. They were originated during the British Raj era in India and were kept as guard dogs. They are aloof and vigilant in nature. They are aggressive and prey-driven which makes them highly reliable for protecting their owners and their properties. They are extremely loyal and are willing to give up their lives for their family. 

Kumaon Mastiff

The Kumaon Mastiff is a fierce molosser-type dog breed originating from Uttarakhand. They’re some of Indians most prized guardians of homes. They are also known as Cypro Kukor. Like many other Indian Dog Breeds, they are also on the verge of extinction. They sport a short and soft coat in shades of brown. Kumaon Mastiffs are 28 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh over a 100 pounds. They need a lot of socialisation and obedience training because of their fierce personality. 

Sinhala hound

This breed originated from Sri Lanka and regions of India. They are very similar to the Indian Pariah Dog and scientists have speculated that they may have been derived from India’s land race breed. Sinhala hounds were considered a popular wedding gift among the Vedda people who were hunters from Sri Lanka. They have incredible stamina and endurance and are considered as faithful companion dogs. 

Mahratta Greyhounds

They are one of the rarest dog breeds in India and it is very rare to see them outside of Maharashtra, the home to most of the Mahratta Greyhounds today. They are 21 inches tall and are often compared to the Saluki dog. Mahratta Greyhounds have a muscular frame, lean chest and short coat just enough to protect them against the rough elements of the Indian terrain. They are agile, speedy, have good eyesight and thus, are great hunters. 

Vikhan Sheepdog

Many people haven’t heard of this species because of its rarity. They are found in Himachal Pradesh region of North India and on the borders of Pakistan. These are bred to guard livestock and are excellent leopard hunters because of their courageous nature. Vikhan Sheepdogs can withstand long hunting trips because they have great stamina. They are possessive in nature so they make top guard and watchdogs. 


These dogs are bred in Chippiparai in Tamil Nadu and are used to hunt rabbits and pigs. Their purpose vanished when the Indian government banned hunting and their role shifted to racing dogs. These dogs are a symbol of royalty and dignity. These dogs are often gifted to newlywed brides as a wild guard and companion and thus are called “Maiden’s Beastmaster”. Chippiparai dogs are string, robust and energetic and are considered highly valuable. They are only kept by the elite class. These dogs love attention and hate to be left alone. 

Rampur Greyhound

With an astounding 270-degree field of vision, these dogs can single-handedly take down a golden jackal. It is a dying breed originating from West Bengal in India. These dogs were popular amongst the royal families in India at some point of time. They were the foremost choice for Indian maharajas. They were helpful in hunting tigers, leopards, panthers and lions. The Rampur Greyhounds are affectionate as well as loyal dogs who love human companionship. They are full of energy and the sight of watching two of them fighting is quite scary and disturbing. 

Kombai (Combai)

The Kombai are found in the Tamil Nadu region of India and are bred for hunting boar, bison and deer. They are also called the Indian Terrier. These dogs are intelligent, courageous and alert. They were used by the military and played a great role in the Mrudhu brother’s revolt against the British. The Marvar Kings used to breed them as royal guard dogs. They have great historical value. Kombai are used as family or hunting dogs. They make for great family dogs, even with kids, because of their loyalty and great temperament. 

Tangkhul Hui

These are free-spirited, loyal and alert animals bred for hunting of vicious boars and other wild animals. Tangkhul Hui dogs are found mostly in the Urkhul district of Manipur. They are sometimes referred to as Awand Huijao and are extremely rare. Indian mythology says that this breed evolved from Asiatic black bears while historians suggest that they descended from Myanmar dogs centuries ago. They are obedient, aloof, cautious and intelligent. They are also people-oriented and easy-going. 


These dogs don’t bark, they yodel instead. They are spunky, vigilant and loyal. The Jonangi dog are bred in Andhra Pradesh to herd ducks for local farmers and are great hunters as well. They tend to develop strong bonds with their owners. They prefer sleeping in ditches instead of their dog bed 


These dogs are named after the origin – Pandikona, near Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh. They are hunting dogs and hunt small game such as rabbit, hare and, board. They’re infamous for killing snakes, rodents and thriving in harsh heat. They protect livestock, property and even entire villages if domesticated.  


This breed was developed by the Chola dynasty as working and guard dogs because they are loyal and fearless. This breed is an icon in India for having been featured on postage stamps issued by the Indian Post. Rajapalayam dogs were companions for the royalty and aristocrats of the Rajapalayam town in Tamil Nadu in the past. They are often used by the Indian army on the borders of Kashmir. 

Taji (Tazi)

This breed is nearly extinct in India. They were bred as hunters capable of taking down gazelle, foz, wildcat and marmot. Most of them are now found in Russia despite their origin being India. Taji dogs are very playful with high energy and confidence. They are known for their love for their family. 


Kaikadi dogs are excellent dogs who are known for herding and hunting. They are lively, diligent, independent and so, they don’t require any care at all. They are named after the Kaikadi tribe in Maharashtra and are from the terrier dog group. They have short hair so they require very little grooming and maintenance. Kaikadi dogs come in black or tan coats and sometimes they have a combination of colours as well. These dogs aren’t suitable for an urban environment but enjoy large spaces like farms.

Indian Pariah Dog

The Indian Pariah Dog is of sociable and protective nature. They could be called Naadan, Theru Naai, Desi Kutta, Pye-dog and many more depending on their region. They are not only found in India but also in regions of Bangladesh and South Asia. The word “pariah” is taken from Tamil, where “parai” means a drum. These dogs are usually very protective of their families. 

Mudhol Hound

Mudhol hounds are also referred to as the Caravan Hound. They are thriving in the country and work in India’s military service as guard dogs. They are currently used by the Indian army for surveillance and border protection and are capable of working in severe conditions. They are extremely courageous, elegant and loyal dogs. 

Bully Kutta

This is the most ferocious and fearless Indian Dog breed. The other names for this breed include the “Indian Mastiff” and the “Beast of the East.” They are originally from the Sindh region between Pakistan and India. They are used for hunting and guarding and are not facing extinction. Bully Kuttas are not your usual loving pet dogs and were used by the Mughal emperors like Akbar for their ferocious nature. 

Gaddi Kutta

They are a mountain dog breed originating from the northern region of India with close resemblance to the Tibetan Mastiff. They are found bordering Himachal Pradesh. Gaddi Kuttas are intelligent, devoted and calm and are known for sheep herding requiring little to no knowledge of the same. 

Indian Spitz

The Indian Spitz is like the Indian version of Pomeranian. Just like the Pomeranians, these are the most beloved dog breed in India. They are considered the most intelligent Indian dogs because of the ease with which they can be trained. They’ve made their way to Bollywood for their affectionate and playful nature. They are playful with almost every type of owner from children to adults. Indian Spitz dogs need frequent grooming because of their double coats. They can thrive in any setting from a farm to an urban location and their diet consists of many foods like milk, chicken, yoghurt and much more.


Nearly half of all Indian dog breeds have gone extinct and many are seriously endangered. The main reason why this is happening is that Indians are embracing foreign breeds with open arms and neglecting their own breed of dogs. There is a high competition of Western dog breeds. If we have to combat this problem, we will need to try something new and confide in our own for now. These are some of the best picks for your next new pet and a fresh breath of air from the now normalised and popular Western dogs. 

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