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1337x is a very popular torrent website which allows users to download movies, games, software, etc. This website is more like a search engine for torrents. You can find and download almost any torrent on this website. It has millions of torrents which are categorised in a clean way. This platform has many active users worldwide. 1337x has a clean and simple user interface. Currently, 1337x is one of the best torrent trackers on the web.

What is 1337x?

1337x is a torrent search engine platform where you can find and download torrents. Torrents of popular movies of any genre, pc games, video game iso’s, cracked software, etc. are all available on this website. A huge collection of leaked movies and, television shows are also available for download on this website.

Like many other torrent platforms, 1337x is also banned in India. The reason why these type of websites are banned is that you can find copyrighted content, pirated movies, and cracked software here. So the Governments around the world and India have banned these websites. Anyone found using these type of websites can face up to two years of imprisonment, a fine of up to 2 lac rupees or both.

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Is it Legal?

Torrenting is not legal. Governments in countries like India have banned 1337x from there country. There is a huge list of websites that were banned in India. Laws have been made against the piracy of movies. These torrent platforms have collections of pirated, copyrighted content which is illegal. The content available on these platforms have no legal authorization also. This is the reason why they are banned. Governments have made rules to curb the increasing popularity of torrents. Anyone found using these platforms can face up to two years of imprisonment, up to 2 lac rupees fine or both.

Alternatives for 1337x

1337x is not the only torrent platform available on the internet. There are a lot of alternatives available on the internet, in case this platform gets blocked. Many platforms are up and running on the internet despite the constant banning by the Government. There is a high chance of platforms like these getting banned. Some of the best alternatives to this 1337x are –

  • The Pirate Bay (TPB) 

The Pirate Bay is the best and most popular platform for downloading torrents. It  is one of the oldest also. 

  • Zooqle

It is famous for movies and series. Most of them are available at all resolutions. 

  • LimeTorrents

This has the least ads and minimal interface. 

  • KickassTorrents 

This platform has a great collection of movies and old shows. 

  • Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is the fastest torrent search engine. 


This is perfect for filtering torrents quickly. 

  • EZTV

EZTV has a clean interface with minimal ads. 

  • YTS

Best torrent platform for downloading movies in high quality format. 

  • TorLock

TorLock has a verified directory of torrents. 

  • Torrentseeker

This platform is great for downloading niche and language specific torrents. 

How to use 1337x?

  • First, download and install a fast and secure VPN. There are a lot of free VPN apps available. Express VPN, IPVanish, Hotspot Shield are the preferred ones. 
  • Now, open the VPN and select the server where the website is not banned. The VPN will help bypass the restrictions.
  • After that open 1337x in your browser. 
  • You’ll see a search bar. Type the name of the movie, series, game, software, or TV show you want to download. 
  • After that select the best torrent with the highest number of peers and seeders. 
  • After downloading it, open the torrent in the torrent app and start downloading. 
  • When the file gets downloaded, check it for viruses first with malware software or an anti-virus. Then when it is secure, open it and enjoy. 

Frequently asked questions 

Will I get arrested if I use this website? 

Torrenting is not legal in India. It is banned by the Government to curb the increasing popularity of torrents and stop piracy and illegal uploading of copyrighted content. If you are found using these platforms you can face imprisonment of up to two years, fine of up to two lac rupees, or both. This is the reason why people use VPN before opening or download torrents, to hide their virtual address, other than unblocking the website. 

How can I download torrents without breaking the law? 

There is no other way of downloading torrents “legally”. But you can always pay for the content. This not only keeps you harm’s way from the trouble but also helps in supporting the creator. It is better to watch or use the content by doing it the legal way. 

Is 1337x the best torrent platform out there? 

Although 1337x is a very good platform for download torrents, The Pirate Bay is a more preferable choice for people. The Pirate Bay is much older and has a bigger collection than 1337x. It is sometimes called the “undisputed torrent king “. 

Is downloading from this website free of cost? 

Yes, downloading from this platform is free of cost. You just need a VPN, a good internet connection and a PC or a mobile phone. A Torrent app is also needed to download the torrent file. 

Can downloading torrents damage or harm my PC/Mobile? 

The sites do not harm or damage your computer or any other device. However when you download a torrent it may contain malwares or viruses sometimes. There is a high probability of your device getting infected with a virus or malware. You should always use a Spyware, an anti-virus or any kind of software to protect your device from harmful files. 


This article is for educational purposes only. We do not under any circumstance promote piracy or any other illegal activities. Everyone should admire and support each other’s work. The people who make software, games, movies, series have put in a lot of effort. This effort should not go in vain because of the illegal way of getting things for free. They deserve rewards for their hard work. We should always respect and appreciate these efforts. 

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